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Having issues with my controllers


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I am wondering if my controllers are supported by the DCS sims, I have the following:


1.CH Products Pro Pedals USB Flight Simulator Pedals ( 300-111 )

2.CH Products Pro Throttle USB

3.CH Products USB Combatstick 568 with 8-Way Switch & 128 Programmable Functions

I just can't seem to get anything to work properly, I set my breaks and rudder to my pedals and I get no response with my rudder and when I hit my breaks the ailerons go hard left and stay there.


I set my throttle to the throttle slider but throttle won't respond at all


The flight stick works....


I am just on the axis for now till I get them working, I cleared all the other controls for each axis and then set them.



Do I need to/or can I download a preset profile?


I'm stumped, I use this setup for FSX (thousands of hours of flight time) and all my other flight sim games (IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and Wings of Prey) and everything works properly so I'm more than sure it's not my controllers.



I also tried to download one of the tools (Clear Calibration Utility) in the sticky above to give that a try but it says "page cannot be found".



I hate to bother people with this but I am truly stumped, are there any plain English easy to follow guides that I could follow or am I just screwed with my controllers?



thanks for any help, and if ANY other info is needed to sort this out just let me know and I will provide it.


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If they work in Windows they work in the game.


Myself i only had one minor issue, brake axis inverted, easily fixed in the axis' menu.


Make sure the rudder axis is centered in your active profile (CH Control Manager) like in the pic. I have all CH controllers on dx mode as you can see.



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Howdy Korn thanks for the help.


for the record I have CH CM 4.55


I just went through and created a profile (I think), and made sure everything was centered, I also use direct mode.


I'll give it another try and see if it works now, thanks man.


NOTE: I have never had to do this before and they all devices work perfectly in FSX.


anyways I'm gonna go and see if this works, thanks man!!






Thank you VERY much!! I owe you a tall cold brew my man!!


but later, right now I'm gonna go a blow some stuff up!!!


thank you thank you!!

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lol happy to help.


You can automatically (re)load your last profile for your CH controllers by launching CMStart.exe from your CH Products software installation folder (default "C:\Program Files (x86)\CH Products\CMStart.exe").

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Very Cool, I just added that little app to my desktop. This also work with my FSX so I'm a cappy hamper!


So this resets every time I shut down my PC or restart it? Actually that's kind of handy in a way, start fresh every reboot.


Thanks again man!

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I'm not sure if i understand your question but i'm going to answer anyway :) : yes the profile ("map") is cleared every time you restart your OS. The CMStart application automatically loads the last profile used in CH Control Manager, also puting your controllers into the respective mode (direct / mapped - but since you're using direct mode this does not affect you as that is default anyway).


If you need to load different maps for different games you can do that using CHCtlMgr.exe with parameters. So you can actually make a .cmd file which would load the respective profile and launch the game at the same time.

Something like

start /d "chproductssoftwarepath\" CHCtlMgr.exe "mappath\gameX.map"

start /d "gameXpath\" gameX.exe

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