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LOW FPS, but not always.


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hello everyone!

I have a bad issue with FPS.


My pc specs are:

I7 4770

8Gb ram

NVidia GT 630 2 GB

win 7


I just bought this PC and I try to set DCS up for the best performance. No matter how I set the graphic settings, I always have the FPS around 12/20 FPS, except when I look at the sky with the following camera view. when I look at the sky I easily reach 35/40 fps if it's cloudy.


I checked the GPU performance, and during DCS is running, the GPU is around 90 to 99%, the temperature goes high, and the Fan donesn't spin over the 30%.


I installed the latest driver for the GPU, and Windows is upgrated.


With FSX tough, I have eveything set on highest, i have 7/8 addons, and I easily reach 40/60 FPS, sometimes even more.


Plese help me! I'm getting crazy with this!

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