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FC3 F-15C export RWR and Weapons page?


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Hey all. I know this is a weird topic. I have read literally dozens of 9-12 page topics on the matter. They always seem to get off track, mention other aircraft, other versions of the game, and often times people don't "quote" the post that they are referring to, and thus it becomes difficult to tell which line of conversation is being held.


I recently downloaded the FC2 Helios profile (http://www.gadrocsworkshop.com/node/15) and it works like a champ when using someone else's export script (of course I can't find the link now... It all gets so confusing doing everything in forums)... Anyways, It would be absolutely PERFECT if I could just get RWR and weapons stations display on the screen. I saw some comments about folks managing to get LEAVU to work for FC3, but all Leavu binary links are dead. I went so far as to compile Leavu from source code, but I get errors about being on a 64bit system, so that's not working for me.


I am trying to find, definitively, Is it possible to export RWR and weapons stations panels to another monitor in FC3 for the F-15C. I already have the radar panel exporting just fine as LEFT_MFCD from my standard A-10C setup.


Thank you very much!

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