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How to change the F4 camera of the A-10C?


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I'm currently working on a Mod which changes the camera on the F4-key. I've already done a new view for Mig-29A/G/S, Su-27, Su-33 and A-10A.

You can see the results below.


I also want to change the camera of the A-10C to a lower position right under the GAU-8.



In which file is the camera setting defined for the A-10C? Config\View\Server.lua is not the right file for the A-10C...



How can I set a camera very low? DCS has a limitation for the camera on the lowest position. I've tried it with the A-10A. The lowest position was on the same height as the GAU-8 but I want a position lower than this.


Thanks for your help.






My Mods: DCS User Files

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