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F-18 D Nose Pod


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I usually check the videos at airboyd tv, I found this one showing a A-A refuelling of two hornets and a Hercules, nothing wired.


But one of the hornets is carrying a pod attached on the bottom of the fuselage, under the cockpit, you can see it clearly at 5:30 on the video.


I can guess it´s a recon pod, but can anyone identify it, i never seen it before.


Thanks in advance for your answers


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F/A-18D with minigun replaced by ATARS recon system.




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Never heard that, is the C capable of caarying it too?


Apparently only the last 48 F/A-18D's delivered to the Marines have provisioning to be fitted with the recon pallet (though only a smaller number at any point in time have it fitted).


There were a number of earlier attempts to get a recon version of the single and dual seat hornets, however they were never funded.


As much as I don't want to point you to wiki as the source of truth (becuase it isn't), this does have a brief mention of the other two recon types of the Hornet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_F/A-18_Hornet

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