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Need advice. New rig / upgrade for DCS WW2: 1944

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Greetings aces


After a long hiatus my sim addiction has kicked in again. Especially with a new generation of WW2 sims like “IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad” and “DCS WW2: 1944” on the horizon along with the dawn of true VR gaming in the form of the Oculus Rift I cannot withstand the call.


My current PC system is from 2009 and ran fine at the time. Over the years it got some quirks like the SSD (which is not in the list since I got it later) stopped working. Also I was experiencing random restarts and blue screens so I set it back to default clock after I overclocked the CPU as well as the GFX card. In short it’s a mess.


I haven’t followed the development of gaming hardware very closely so I am back in noob status when it comes to todays computers. This is why I need your help.


Does it make sense to upgrade my components? Should I start from scratch? What builds do you guys recommend? The goal is to play the newest flight-sims at high detail level. An intermediate goal will be the implementation of the Oculus Rift so multi-monitor setup is not on the list. My budget is kinda strained at the moment so I cannot got full high-end. But I imagine something in the upper third - in number around 1000 Euro / 1400 USD (for the PC only - I got everything else like peripherals and monitor).


Looking forward to hear your suggestions.



Current rig:


CPU Intel Core i5 750 (2660) Quad Core, Sockel LGA 1156, 8MB Cache, QPI 4.4

Mainboard Asus P7P55D, P55, LGA1156, CrossFireX

RAM Kingston Memory DDR3 4GB PC3-10666, 1333MHz, CL9-9-9, Non-ECC, 240

HD WD Caviar Black 3.5" 750GB SATA-II, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache, 8.9ms, NCQ

Grafikkarte Asus HD 6950 2GB (with 6970 BIOS)

Opt. Laufwerk 1 LG GH22NS DVD-RW Bulk, 22xDVD±R, 8xDVD+RW, 6xDVD-RW

7 1 Gehäuse Antec Midi Tower Three Hundred

8 1 Netzteil Cooler Master, Silent Pro 700W, 1x13.5cm Lüfter, 9xSATA, 24 Pin, aktiv-PF

9 1 Lüfter Revoltec Gehäuse Lüfter: AirGuard, 120X120X25, 3pol Stecker, 1200RPM

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For BoS your computer is sufficient for all the eye candy. DCS:1944 will be released sometime in 2015 so you should postpone your investment and get more performance for your money next year.


If you really want to spend some money buy a SSD.

Windows 10 64bit, Intel i9-9900@5Ghz, 32 Gig RAM, Palit RTX 2080 TI, 1 TB SSD, 43" 2160p@1440p monitor.

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