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51 Hotas warthog control


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Can anyone pass a good layout of control in the P51. I'm kind of confuse on the names and the best way to put them in the joystick and throttle for the Warthog controls. Also what sensitivity Is the best to start on the joystick. I know this is different in each person but I want to test what other people are using so I'm not that far away. :joystick:


Thanks in advance! :thumbup:



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well, about the profile...after ED changed their controls profile system, i lost everything...then i set a new one up with the help of polaris, and then my hardrive died...that was enough for me and i decided to not longer mess with those lua and diff files or whatever they are called...

so, although never really been a fan of this, i installed TARGET, made a simple profile, just to ensure that all my throttle switches work as intended(two way as two way and three way as three way) and thats it.from there on, it was only a matter of minutes to adjust my p51 profile in game.same will be true for every other plane that arrives now...


for the curvature settings on the axis.just like you said, thats personal preference.some are convinced that curvature settings will give them better control, some try to avoid them and only have one for the rudder axis...i myself dont use any curvature or saturation settings.just the default curves.always in any sim gave me the best result.

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I'll post mine which I created some time back:




To get 2-way and 3-way switches work correctly with the new diff files you need a little hack:



Place this file into:

E:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircrafts\P-51D\Input\P-51D\joystick


There should be a file named the same. The important thing is to copy&paste the custom section of the "hacked" default.lua to the original.

This will add some extra commands to your options screen for which you can add keys for (they all beginn with "Alternate" I think).

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Do you see that on my picture? If you're speaking about "Open/Close Canopy" and "Release Canopy" the second stands for Emergency Release :)


If you're speaking about my default.lua which produces e.g. commands like "Alternate Mixture IDLE CUT OFF" next to the normal "Mixture IDLE CUT OFF" it means that you should only map the alternate commands to keys and left the normal ones behind because they don't act like correct HOTAS switches.


For example:

Using the alternate command: Switch Up activates, Switch down deactivates

Using the normal command: Switch Up activates, Switch down - nothing, Switch up 2nd time: deactivates



If you're speaking about the orange and white commands, the orange are meant to use with a "modifier switch" like "Shift" on the keyboard.

I use the paddle switch for that, if I hold it and press a key the orange command will be used, if I don't hold it down the white commands are used.


Paddle Switch (handle on the bottom left):


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