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Radio comms effect

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Do anyone know if there is some software available so I can costumize/equalize the live incoming sound a specific program like Teamspeak?


I'm looking for a way to alter the incoming crispy voices of my mates on teamspeak to make them sound as they are talking in a intercom or radio of some sort. Right now I am using a WWII plugin for teamspeak, but that forces me to use an older version of teamspeak and the sound isnt as exact as I want it to be.


I dont believe there is any other plugins that does this, thats why I was thinking of the software solution.


Last time I used TARS it was awesome, but im the only one playing DCS really so that is not an option. :P


So, any idea's or solutions? Surely I cant be the only one wanting this :-)




I might have found something here. A plugin called CrossTalk.



So far so good!

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The one aspect of CROSSTALK that is missing IMHO, is background noise. There is always an amount of white noise when PTT is activated. Plus you have jet/prop/rotor noise in the background as well as electrical interference and in the case of chopper pilots, some vibration in the pilot's voice. ARIES emulates this effect quite well. Is there a way of modifying CROSSTALK to emulate background noise? The only downside to ARIES as I see it, is that everyone else that you are communicating with needs to have it. The advantage of CROSSTALK is you can be the only one using it. Which is great, because you can go to any public server and enjoy the effect.

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