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Hi All , I am new and building a sim pit for a blackshark. My PROJECT is to use the POKEYS56E from PoLABS(POSCOPE.COM) This is already enabled for use in many MS Flight sims..


I wish to interface with the BLACK SHARK 2..


So What I want to establish is a Tutorial specific to this by sending and receiving ONE in-sim Indicator and one Switch which will correspond to that indicator.. The Master caution that illuminates upon start up when you power on the battery and EKRAN Hydraulics power.. Thus giving you a two switch stage and an indicator..


This is where I started. I read you have to enable the export first,, so config.lua was opened and edited.. Now to the export.lua for our testing..


I am not sure about the logics behind the EXPORT.LUA

Are we importing and exporting through this script ? kinda making the name EXPORT in-accurate ? Regardless The Host and PORT being used in here seems to be for setting a destination or target computer for data.. in this case its one of my IO devices,, what if Im using multiple devices..( more then one IP ) Like say Five...So here are the questions :

  • How do you setup the export.lua to work with POKEYS57E
  • How do you get real world settings and change the simlulator.
  • Do you think the DLL might be necessary to establish the proper connection to the Ethernet based IO CARD ?

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