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Smoke marker.

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I am designing a mission with smoke markers. The smoke markers and triggers worked fine in the early stages of creation.


But now for some reason I cant get any of my smoke markers to work in my mission.



Thanks everybody.






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In the latter case... just crack open the .miz file (convert it to a .zip), then go into the folder and delete everything except your specific mission files. I'm looking at it now and you have a lot of your own files in there which is fine... but there are a bunch of folders that I'm quite certain are just from the "prepare mission."


I would back it up, delete all those folders... back in the day I used to delete the options / warehouses etc but that may not have been necessary. If you just delete those folders first, then test drive it... that may suffice. If not, you have the backup so just go in and get rid of the options / warehouses... just leave "mission."



You will have to go back in and reassign the coalitions to air bases etc but this will resolve your DSMS issue- assuming you've tried to load the dsms and it won't "update."


And yes- avoid "prepare mission" at all cost. Not sure that ever got resolved.


I'm looking over your mission briefly now while I have a chance... does the smoke not work at all or does it only work for a couple minutes?

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Mogs -- your Warthog mission payloads "have not been saved". That may be why you are getting the red DSMS.


Wow, I tried a bunch of tests and ended up doing what Eno suggested -- I deleted all from your miz file except the 'mission' file -- but I could not get smoke on unit or smoke on zone to work, using your Smoke Test event -- I added signal flares, too, and those would not trigger, either.


Something is corrupt in your mission file...


I've never seen that before. I then created my own very simple test for smoke and signal flares and that worked as it should. I don't know what else to tell you at this point.



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