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Hello everyone,


I wanted to take a moment to share with you a new site I'm working on dedicated to the flight sim counmunity talented movie makers. I will be making movies from a range of simulators but myself mostly focusing on DCS and FSX. I invite you all to come watch and share your love of sims the movies we make and aviation in general at


http://www.foxthreeproductions.com Full Movie "Fallon Sunset" Now available to view!!!


Thank you,



Co founder of the

Virtual Blue Angels

#1 Boss

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Update on site and Full Version of Fallon Sunset


I have had some time to finish the Fallon Sunset movie! full version can be seen here:




I have also started on my next project which will be in DCS and feature a Iconic aircraft that I deeply love. I hope you all enjoy the full movie of VCVW-8 going threw our top gun class. And I look forward to the next movie using DCS. With many more to come. Please also feel free to share any videos or screenshots you guys love and I will post them on the site! Please keep them aviation related.




Jeremy "Alias" Keelin

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