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Game crashes upon doing :

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Crashing into ground (dying)

Ending mission

Going to spectator mode

Ending a flight

Ending a track .

Mission rotate .


This kind of started with the latest update i think , altough i had the occasional crash before so i can not exactly pinpoint it.

Now though, basically anything that ends something , makes the game crash.


Anyone else have this ?


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Do you have any mods installed?


And do you use some (exotic) stuff in your export.lua?


I had fooled myself once by messing around with the export.lua. Somehow I managed to export stuff (weather data :o) by using lua co-routines. Those caused problems when they were still active while the cockpit was not active anymore - i.e. every time my plane crashed, DCS CTD'ed.

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nope I haven't had one ctd since I can remember.


*knock Knock on wood baby*

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hmm thx i try.


Will i lose my settings ?


edit* hmm how do i do repair


Your settings are stored under your Saved Games folder. This will not be touched by the auto updater or the repair tool.


You start the repair tool by selecting the start menu entry "DCS Repair". :o)

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