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Mission creator: HOLLYWOOD

Brief: 6.15pm

Launch: 6.30pm

TOT: 6.45 - 7.00pm

Recover: 8.00pm





After great losses incurred during last weeks mission, INTEL reports that a furious General Zardoz has decided to load his TU-95 Bear bomber fleet with chemical weapons.

To prevent him launching an attack against USMC forces at Gadauta, VFA-113 Stingers are planning a pre-dawn strike to destroy the chemical weapons storage tanks and the bomber fleet at Krasnodar Air Base.


This airbase is heavily defended. An E/A-18G Growler will be on target at precisely 1830 hrs and will begin jamming nearby SA-11 radars as well as dropping illumination flares over the target.

VFA-113 time-on-target window will be strictly 1845-1900hrs PDT.





General Zardoz has ordered a concentration of chemical assets for an air strike against the interfering forces to halt their progress. A small group of medium range mobile OSA SAM's from ZAB Air Defence has been assigned to protect the airfield during this operation. Standard 23mm AAA air field defense units are at full alert.


The "USS Intrepid" has been spotted just off the coast just beyond shore battery range. Air strikes are expected to disrupt our operation.




4:07am The hornet nest stirs. It will be dark for most of this mission. The low haze will make targeting a bit more difficult for both attacker and defender.


4:19am Reports from fishing boats come in that air units are launching from the "Carl Vinson"




4:22am There is an explosion in the coastal town where ZAB AAA are active. It is not known what caused it. No casualties have been reported. Mobile phones go bazerk as reports of loud jets are zooming very low through the local towns there.


4:23am ZAB AAA on the coast hear the jets roar over, with no clear vision due to bad deployment and vision obscured, they fire in anger.




4:25am STINGER 310 takes some hits from AAA but flys on by. Another unexplained explosion is observed to the east. No casualties reported.




4:31am The people of Vasil'evskiy and Kosovichi phone in complaining about many loud low flying jets to their North, heading East.




4:32am Flying in low the STINGERS attack our airfield. They hit hard and destroy our strike force. But they fail to understand the effects of their weapons by attacking too low and take themselves out. Our expert SAM operator, comrade Yakbeard, takes out a STINGER right over our airfield!







4:34am The Growler overwatch starts lighting up the AO, making night to day. PROWLER manages to outrun an 9M33 launch just in time.


4:35am A STINGER takes a hit from a 9M33 on the egress. Still with ordinance to deploy.




4:38am Consistant attack runs destroy our airbase at Krasnodar. ZAB SA-8's do take down some of these intruders, but not all. The STINGERS egress south east away from our guns and land with no further resistance.


5:10am No further air contacts reported. ZAB Air defences are ordered to make ready.



An excellent mission created. Time of attack as required and expected. (Time of day light not good for AAR screenshots though. Some pictures needed light without destroying the quality.) Balance of forces was very good for the mission. This was a long range attack for the STINGERS, flying over hostile territory. ZAB did manage to take some attackers down, over target. Some flyers were taken out by their own ordinance. The STINGER mission was completed as intended, but it was no "milk run". ZAB forces are inspecting the remains of 7 crashed airframes to gather further intelligence. There were no reports of ejecting pilots, but land forces will be patroling the areas extensively anyway. General Zardoz would like to have another welcome "guest" to add to the bargaining table. However he is very angered, but yet again, by the losses to his forces from these intruding STINGERS. The loss of his much favoured TU-95's has hit a raw nerve.


Tacview did not capture this action for some reason... Investigating this.

Edited by BrassEm
Correct a very bad mistake. It is the USS Intrepid! (Very sorry guys!!)
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Need Prowler EA-6B(cockpit SU-25T) SEAD operations

int 1 pylon Pantasm and 4 pylons AGM-45\88



"Страшнее Шилки зверя нет".


"Носи ППК с молоду-любить будешь до старости".

"СА-Танки решают все!"

"- А мы, старшина, ни за первую и не за вторую… Мы – за третью. За эту… За как её?.. За Родину!"



__|77|________:::::: =}-

\~~~~~~~~~/~~~~~~~ NAVAL AVIATION FAN ~~~~~~~

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