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1.2.8 current patch Search and Engage [In Zone] broken (possibly others)


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So I was noticing some strange things while testing missions. AI enemies would fly past each other, less than 10 miles apart, and just carry on their merry way. Similarly, two groups of AI supposed to engage me basically just flew around their waypoints and landed.I did get one group to successfully use Attack Group, that might have had the visible box highlighted, I'll need to check.


I made a test mission to investigate and Search and Engage (SE) along with Search and Engage In Zone (SEIZ) don't seem to work. There is a long MiG-29 paired with an EWR that flat ignore me locking it until I get into gun range.


PS ignore my flight stick going insane during the merge and the track being senile and thinking the MiG won.

SEIZ bug.trk


Win 10 i5-9600KF 4.6 GHz 64 GB RAM RTX2080Ti 11GB -- Win 7 64 i5-6600K 3.6 GHz 32 GB RAM GTX970 4GB -- A-10C, F-5E, Su-27, F-15C, F-14B, F-16C missions in User Files

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