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MultiMonitor (iMac 27") advice please


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I have a 27" iMac, with a Dell 2407 monitor to it's left, and another to it's right.


Both of these are driven by Thunderbolt to DVI Apple Adapters.


Windows 7 (via Bootcamp) is configured and the displays are working fine.


I also have a 23" Touchscreen below the iMac for HELIOS.


I want to have DCS running across all 3 monitors but keep the iMac (in the centre) primary.


I also need to be able to adjust the bevel spacing and 3D view layout so that the 'outside' view is panoramically correct.


I've looked at SoftTH (brilliant) app, but that's not working very well for me.


As it stands, DCS sees all my 3 monitors and allows me to spread the view across them with no lua or file changes, however, the bevel spacing is wrong, the panoramic view is wonky to say the least and the 27" iMac screen is being 'forced' into being a 24" screen by the automatic DCS layout system.


Also, despite having HELIOS running and Cap Loz's profile working, the gauges and switches don't work / update.


Please, can anyone help me set this up? I've recently joined a squadron and need to get this working so I can get trained up ASAP and contribute to the team.


Thank you very much.


I'm on TeamSpeak, Skype and can supply photos / videos if that helps explain it better.


Thank you.

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