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G940 Leds for dummies (me)


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Hiya everybody!


After about 140 flying hours in DCS World I decided to get a proper* joystick, the G940. Been spending so many hours stalking this forum for information so about time to write my first post!


I wanted to get the leds on the throttle working with either the A-10c or the F-15, after reading that it was possible. However after three days of searching, reading every thread on the matter and trial & error, I still have no idea how to get it to work.


Tried the first thing I found. That said it should be installed with modman. Didn't work (because I have no idea what I am doing).

I later found a couple of threads from 2013. But they mostly explained how to fiddle with the .lua and stuff and doesn't contain very basic information that total beginners like me need.

I also found a couple of other threads but they mostly mention the same thing as the other ones.


TL;DR: Me wants G940 leds working with A-10C &/or F-15. Me dumb. Help?



*=You don't have to agree.

"Hard to imagine bigger engine. its got a beautiful face and an arse built like sputnik." - Pikey AKA The Poet, on 37 Viggen.

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