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Hi Aviodev !

I would like wish you all the best with developments.

It is quite a great moment in time to enter into the DCS world due to the close comming of newer technologies. Do it right and you will have a lot of customers for sure!

Romanian Community for DCS World

HW Specs: i7-8700K@5GHz,ASUS Maximus X Hero, 32GB RAM 3000MHz, MSI Nvidia GTX 1080TI watercooled, Creative SoundBlaster Z, Intel/Samsung M.2 , VKB MCG Pro + Virpil Throttle + Leo Bodnar BU0836(A and X), MFG Crosswind, Logitech G13, TrackIR 5, Oculus Rift S, Stream Deck

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Good luck with this! Don't know much about this plane but any new addition to DCS is welcome.

RTX 2070 8GB | 32GB DDR4 2666 RAM | AMD Ryzen 5 3600 4.2Ghz | Asrock X570 | CH Fighterstick/Pro Throttle | TM MFDs | TrackIR 5

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I'm Glad, you have now your own section in the forums.

Good luck with your project! :thumbup:

Hardware: Intel i5 4670K | Zalman NPS9900MAX | GeIL 16GB @1333MHz | Asrock Z97 Pro4 | Sapphire Radeon R9 380X Nitro | Samsung SSDs 840 series 120GB & 250 GB | Samsung HD204UI 2TB | be quiet! Pure Power 530W | Aerocool RS-9 Devil Red | Samsung SyncMaster SA350 24" + ASUS VE198S 19" | Saitek X52 | TrackIR 5 | Thrustmaster MFD Cougar | Speedlink Darksky LED | Razor Diamondback | Razor X-Mat Control | SoundBlaster Tactic 3D Rage ### Software: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit


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Win 8.1, I7 4770K 4.5ghz watercooled, 240gb SSD in Raid 0, 16GB DDR3-2400, EVGA GTX780 watercooled, LG 29EA73-P (2560x1080)

Cobra M5 *modded by BRD*, CH Pro Throttle, Pro Combat Pedals, TrackIR5 Pro + Delanclip, Bose QC 15, TM Cougar MFD's

300/30 mbps

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Nice to see Aviodev finally here, congrats !!


Good luck and all of the best !



My TM Warthog DIY extension tutorial


C2Duo E8600 @ 4.4Ghz. | Asus Rampage Formula X48 | MSI GTX 560Ti OC |

8Gb.Corsair DDR2 RAM @ 1103Mhz. | Crucial M4 128Gb. SSD | 850W. PSU |

HOTAS Warthog | Saitek Pedals | TIR 5 | Helios | 24" Monitor/22" Touchscreen





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Really impressive!


Thank you!


But the dreaded question, that will pop up sooner or later anyways ... for when is the release planned? :D The video stated "Soon" ... does that probably mean this year?


We don't comment on release schedules, etc.. Sorry.


Best regards,


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Good luck boys with the development... but is this jet propelled tourist plane what we really want? :huh:


...but I'm not saying that I wont buy it :D


I would not call a aircraft that can make you feel 7.5 G and is the election for the advance training for a modern air force a tourist plane.


Seems she can do it better than a cessna...


And go ahead Aviodev, as better as you can with this bird, it is very interesting to have two similar aircrafts, with the Hawk, designed and devoloped by two different teams.

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Good luck, guys. I wish you all the best :thumbup:

2D/3D Artist


Lead 3D Artist - TrueGrit Virtual Technologies



BO-105 PAH1A1/VBH / HKP-9A / BO-105 CBS-5 KLH

Eurofighter Typhoon






Windows 10 (x64)


3x Corsair SSD GT 250 GB

Mainboard: Asus STRIX Z390-F

CPU: Intel Core I9-9900K @ 3.60GHz

RAM: 64 Gb

Graphics: MSI GForce GTX 980 TI 4GB


HOTAS Warthog

Hofmann Simpad Rudders

Oculus Rift / Oculus Touch



Heavy Metal is the law ! :punk:



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Hi all, please I´m the modeller, all spaniards, please speak in english, i´m spaniard but I would like that all people knows about your opinion and the best thing is speaking in english.

About A-36 halcon, We are going to make CC version that it has weapons, and cockpit for it, it will be like a-36 halcon, but it will have your Chile skin too, and the attack version cockpit with gunsight



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