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Issue starting engines in SU-25T custom mission


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Recently I have been having difficulties starting the engine of the SU-25T in custom mission. However I do not have any issues with the training missions that come with DCS world.


I access my missions through the mission menu then my missions. When I access the training mission under SU-25T it works fine but not under my mission.


I created a small self design training mission designed to help me get used to using the weapons on a stage by stage basic. The mission have me ramp and taxi and take off to some stationary targets in which I would use unguided bombs to destroy them.


However I cannot start the engines using any of the keys commands Rshift-Home, Ralt-Home or Rctrl-Home.


I have also downloaded some mission created from other members and have the same issue with those missions as well. Can anyone advise me on this issue.


Please note that I have check to see if it was the keyboard that was at fault, and used two other keyboards and found the same issue. I have a Razer DeathStalker Keyboard. Other keyboards tested was a ZIP keyboard and a Logitech G510 Gaming keyboard.

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