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Petition to stop deleting threads


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Hi there!


I just wanted to kindly ask to stop deleting threads.

It is extremely rude and annoys people. And it isn't necessary. I don't even know which mod to write to, since I cannot see who did it.


At least give warnings, then wait a bit, and then LOCK the threads instead of just deleting them. That way people can at least post links to other forums where we can meet. Also if you delete them they will appear again and again, and people will not know what happened.


Please don't be rude. Tell the guys that make the rules and discuss it, it will make these forums a nicer and better place.


Thank you for reading

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The problem with "closing" threads in some sections, rather than deleting them, is that some sections has a lower thread turnover than others. The rule-breaking threads sitting there locked would crowd the display. (Trust me; I still see all the deleted threads. ;) )


If you disagree with a moderator action, feel free to contact any moderator. All of us can see what the others did and handle your appeal. If a deletion is found to be in error, the delete can be repealed. (They're still there, just not visible to anyone but moderators and administrators.)


If you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me with a PM.


I'll bring it up for discussion as well within the team.

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