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F-15C Dawn Flight (need help on smooth camera move)


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Does anyone know how to move the F2 camera view smoothly and constantly?

I found it's almost impossible to do it just by mouse. Keyboard will cause an acceleration.


I also met a problem that one f-15 AI which followed e-3 will rise after a distance follow fly as shown from 2:05

although the follow setup did not end at that time. And the other f-15c followed well.

I don't know why. I just used advanced WP set to

require the f-15c AI follow the e-3 and e-3 has a route setup.

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...Does anyone know how to move the F2 camera view smoothly and constantly?...
I asked this before, but I'm told that there's no any problem with that! I can't believe how people ignore this.


It's obvious that with F2 view, you can't move the camera smoothly, you can see the movement pixel by pixel. They offered me to decrease mouse speed. This works a little bit, but then you need extra mouse zone to do it constantly.

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