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Joystick Advice and Assistance, Please


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Greetings All:



Didn't want to spam the forums and, since my original question about joystick 'feel' in game no longer applies, I thought I would just change title and topic.


The question no longer applied because I broke my X52. Got it off Craigslist for a song and, two days later, it's toast.


Immediately fell in love with it but experienced the problem I came across so much, the stick axis not working smooth. There was a small 'catch' in a couple of places. Nothing major but very annoying and made fine changes difficult at times.


Never fear, the internet is here. So, I read several sites with all sorts of tips on lubing it up. Tried it, helped a little but not a lot. So, read a few other places that said I could disassemble and have a look if I was careful.


I got it apart................and almost immediately three wires came off.


They are the three that are together on the bottom circuit board. A green, yellow, and tan brown. They could not have been attached well at all because it took NOTHING for them to come off and I was surgically careful.


First, I was wondering if this is fixable and, second, which order they go in?? Is there a diagram anywhere? I looked for pics but couldn't quite make them out and a diagram or two I found was black and white drawing. Also, does anybody know their function?? Was guessing it was the mode knob on top but have no way of knowing this.


Any help is greatly appreciated. I am totally bummed. Grown man and darn near cried when it happened.

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