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Option to invert outside camera tilt/pan control + some general default view options

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I'd really love to swap the camera rotation and I don't even understand why they're inverted.


What I'm used to from years of Il-2: Hat left = look to the left, which rotates the camera to the right around the airplane.

What DCS does, is the exact opposite - and even after 10+ years of LOMAC and DCS I'm still struggling with that and I bet I'll never learn it.


Now the only solution is to swap all the mapping, but this brings two serious problems:


1. Camera pan/tilt in cockpit is inverted (press left, look right etc.) if I don't use TIR, which is the case occasionally while trying out things with graphics settings etc.

2. I have to remap both the coolie hat plus the numpad keys for every single plane, which is a gazillion of remappings.

3. After doing so, I'd still have #1


So what I want is simple: Have an option with a simple check box that invertes both X and Y camera slew axes when looking external views (F2, F6, F7, F8, F9 and F12 - Airport cam with no objects in the center is OK)


Now let's add some more wishes to make DCS even better:


1. Let us decide the default Camera Jiggle state for both external and cockpit view. Some people like to enable it inside, I'd like to disable it outside.


2. Let us set a default camera distance and angle for all object views (F2, F6, F7, F8, F9 and F12). I always keep zooming out (= increase the cam distance from my plane or other objects, not the FOV thing) for every single object because the camera literally sticks to the object. I also find myself always tilting the cam so I can see the horizon, which isn't the case per default, which is kinda Ultima 7ish isometric 45° top down perspective.


3. Let us set our own cockpit FOV limits within a reasonable range without servers overwriting our setting because it could be considered cheat. Default: 20° - 140°. My preference: 30° - 90°. I'd like to have that everywhere, not just offline. You could check whether the user settings are within the defaults, like mine. If they are, they'll be used. If they're not, like min value of 1° for super zoom, the correspondig default min/max value shall be taken. 2 problems solved (user config + cheaty cheat)


4. Don't forget my initial issue :)



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