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@BST: When can we expect the Mi-8 manual to be available?

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I'd rather have them say "we are working on it, and expect to have it in a few days" and then actually getting it after a few days.


After so many "soon" promises, I personally have given up, although you, Sith, may find my lack of faith disturbing. ;)

I am actually fine with not getting the manual this year, I just rediscovered how amazing the KA-50 is :)


Well my point is, stuff does happen, its better not to say a few days and disappoint... if it does happen in a few days all the better... if it doesnt, well less disappointed people...


Nothing wrong with revisiting the Ka-50 of course ;)

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We'll now close this thread to continue discussion of the manual in the above linked thread.


Once again our (and my personal) apologies for the heavy delays on this project and a thank you for your continued patience.

- EB


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