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Flaming Cliffs 2 - "Cold War Warrior" campaign ending

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I'm absolutely enjoying this sim after having it on the shelf for a year or two waiting for the right opportunity to play it. Anyway, so i started with the SU-25 and finished 10 missions (and several retries) in the Cold War Warrior campaign. Now i'm ready to go to mission 11 in the campaign, but it seems to be only an animation of a tank battle, which the Russians win, music plays and helicopters fly past etc. The problem is it doesn't take me to a next mission, so i assume that the campaign is now over, but it doesn't say so anywhere, and it doesn't credit me with a finished campaign in the pilot's logbook either. Am i missing something?
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That is basically the way it ends. Since DCS features such a crappy campaign system, the briefing for this "mission" is basically the debriefing of the campaign. After that you get to watch a small outro and then you are done.


The way I set it up I think was that after the music ends the mission should end automatically and then the campaign is finished. But that was years ago, I don't know if it is still configured correctly. I wrote the campaign for FC2 so I am not sure how far it has been modified by ED and in what state it is now.


Edit: I have just noticed that this is actually in the FC2 section. So the campaign should actually finish correctly.

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Wow, the USSR national anthem plays at the end of the tank battle! I finished the campaign and didn't even know it. It set me back to mission ten so I kept beating mission ten again and again like four times, and kept watching the cpu tank battle. then I finally let the mission set the camera angle and that was cool because I got to watch from above and hear the USSR anthem when they prevailed. Thanks for this thread, I wasn't sure if I beat Cold War Warrior. Go mighty 190th!

=MCPV= "Tack"

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