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selling Thrustmaster Warthog extensions

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Green Spring kit



I ordered the Green spring with the O-ring, and hoodies kit. Sahaj contacted me quickly regarding the current shipping situation and I paid for the extra UPS shipping. The item arrived in 3 days, from Poland to Wisconsin, super fast. It was well packed and after installing it my Warthog is much nicer to fly. I'm not fighting the overly heavy resistance of the stock spring making flight much smoother and comfortable. Excellent product, wish I would of found it sooner, highly recommended.

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I've ordered the soft green spring and my TM Warthog runs much more smoothly. Aerial refueling is very easy now. I don't know why TM does not sell the Warthog from scratch with it, but hey - the

Hi all,



a lot new sim projects are progressing and NEW players are joining our rangs, those are good news for the community in general.



I am still working on making the Warthog a better stick with all the accessories for the stick and flight gear in general.



Check out my website: http://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com



Moreover look at the newest video with new HOODIES' styles and materials - a nice addtion to keep your precious flying gear dust free:



- HOODIES VIDEO, sorry no preview available on that forum.



The best way to contact me is still via FB, Instagram, WhatsApp +49 170 9848 976 or email: warthog.extensions.by.sahaj@gmail.com






S! Sahaj


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My CH Fighterstick stopped working after 12 years of use, and since i already had the warthog throttle in use for about a year, i decided to replace My CH with a warthog stick.


I will try to describe the difference in handling of those two sticks.


The CH is made of sturdy industrial grade plastic, it mowes smooth and comfortably around all four directions with the same soft resistance all the way and has a slightly squishy center.


The warthog turned out to be a completely different animal. Made of metal with a rigid center position you had to (compared the CH) use excessive force to move in any direction.


My muscle memory built up by years and years of using the CH went right out the window. To use an anology it was like i had replaced a ballpen (CH) with a heavy duty Warthog Meat cleaver.


I quickly came to the conclution that i either had to send the warthog back and replace it with another CH stick or to look around and se if it was possible to find a softer spring.


A search for a solution via google and youtube led me to Sahaj's website http://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com where i found what i was looking for, a softer (green) spring for the warthog, and


(to make a long story short) The new spring landed in my mailbox this monday and i replaced it yesterday ..... And what a difference!!! ... The stick now feels more like 50/50 Warthog/CH


and thats a compromise that works for me.




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Two days ago I got the 7.5cm extension for my Warthog stick from warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com. It was delivered this morning. That’s a plus. Then tested. A recalibration was not necessary, simply connect the supplied cable, done. My first try with the lovley Mi-8 was ... completely different. Only through this extension the entries are already more precise than without. I have to get used to it a little bit now. Conclusion: I can only recommend it. :thumbup:


DCS World needs the Panavia Tornado! Really!


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I received my Green Spring for my Warthog Stick a week ago and am highly satisfied with the lower spring tension it provides and it makes the stick a lot smoother (the heavier spring causes binding between the moving parts in the stick base) and it re-centers perfectly. I highly recommend the Green Spring for users who use the standard stick base (without an extension). Personally I think the Warthog Stick base should come standard with this spring (my opinion!). Here's a video I made to show how easy it is the move the stick with moderate/light finger pressure:

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I purchased the Realsimulator F18 grip, but the grip comes with a sleeve collar that would not fit the original Sahaj Extension as the inner diameter of the sleeve collar was less than the outer diameter of the extension. See posting to the forum




Based on advise I ordered the Virpil 100 mm extension, but again the sleeve collar did not fully go over the extension, unlike other experiences. In the meantime I contacted Sahaj with the pictures, he immediately understood the issue and was able to manufacture a custom dimensioned 100 mm sleeve that arrived yesterday. Fits perfectly and adds that extra precision to the already excellent FSSB R3 base.


Excellent focus and a satisfied end user. Would and will use again


PC: 9980XE @ 64GB RAM /2080Ti, Samsung C49RG90

Joystick bases: VKB GFIII, FSSB R3L, Brunner CLS-E, Virpil Mongoos CM2

Joystick grips: Realsimulator (F-18CGRH, F-16SGRH-CE), VKB (MCG Pro, F-14, KG-12), Virpil Warbrd

Throttles: Virpil CM2, Kantorrin,

Other: TrackIR, TM MFDx2 (Cubesim Screenx2), Virpil Control Panel 1

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Just for general information. In the past I tried the green spring. It's a big improvement. I've now tried the 10CM extention and it's way better than using the green spring. It also works perfect with the stock black spring.


If you have the room. Go for the extention.


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Hi all,


Just received the set of hoodies, 20cm extension, and blue spring from Sahaj. Love it! Excellent quality, installation was easy, and everything was packed very tightly. Sahaj was super friendly and had it shipped same day.


I would post a picture, however I was using a home-concocted PVC center-stick setup, and I tried to modify it to accommodate the extended stick. Unfortunately and expectedly, the force was too much for the PVC and it wobbles. However I have ordered the Monstertech stand with a 15cm extended adapter to accommodate the increased throw, so I should be able to put it through its paces soon :thumbup:


Ready to get into the 'Hog with this extension, super excited to use it.

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Hi there,

Appreciate all the good info in your video and post.  I noticed the "Aluminum Mount" for connecting the Stick to the desk.


Custom or available for retail purchase?  If custom, could someone send specs on the product(s) used (and maybe where to find them) AND overall stick stability in use.


If market available, please advise best source(s), total costs and avails.


Actually, it looks pretty precarious, with respect to stick base movement.  For example, how well does it remain stable in a rapidly evolving, turning Dogfight.


Comments?   Recommendations?  How to buy the mount and build those parts?


"Froogle" and other users/reviewers are using same general mount designs.  I like a lot, but need a sturdy base for the stick.   Bet it works great for helicopters


Thank you !!! 




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The Aluminum mount comes from Monstertech, a German Company. Here ist the Link to the homepage: Link

They are rock solid in every situation. With some knowledge it is possible to build them on your own. I did so, here is a link to a post I wrote in the german forum: Link

I hope this helps,



BTW: I also bought the green spring as a christmas gift and will share my information later on. I own a 7cm extension and in the center when doing AAR it is till a little too stiff. I hope this will be better with the spring. I rarely find information about the combo extension + green spring. I will know at the 26th od December 😉


Edit: I just installed the green spring to replace the original spring of the Warthog base. The installation was flawless, but as always you have to take care of the plastic thread when untightening and tightening the screw of the stick (in my case the extension). Not much force, slow turnings. I greased up my base several times so I´m used to it already. The difference by just pressing the spring down when it was unassembled was not obvious. But once it was installed I immediately noticed the easier movement. As mentioned I´m using a 7cm extension and I feared it would not come back to center that easy anymore. But all works very good and I´m very satisfied with the purchase and even the combo extension/green spring works very good. I cannot wait for my first AAR with it, because there the old spring was kind of hard to move in the center region which made it harder to make very small inputs. Thanks Sahaj for your support of the community.

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Intel Core i7 4790K, Asus Z-97 Pro Gamer, 32 GB G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2400, Asus GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix OC, Windows 10 64bit Home Premium, TrackIR 5 with TrackClip: Pro!, Hotas Warthog + 7cm extension + Delta Sim´s Slew Mod + Sahaj´s Green Spring, Cougar MFDs with 8" displays, Saitek Rudder Pedals

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I've had the 10cm Sahaj extension on my VRpit for a while and it works beautifully.  However, beware the cable provided with the extension.  Sahaj provides an 11cm cable with his 10cm extension.  This means that if switch sticks (i.e.Warthog to F/A-18), you're going to be pulling your hair out.  I had to acquire some long thin dentist's tweezers to hold the cable head while attaching the stick because there's not enough slack to hold it with your fingers.


Does anyone know where to buy a 20cm cable for my 10cm stick extension?

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I've ordered the soft green spring and my TM Warthog runs much more smoothly.
Aerial refueling is very easy now.
I don't know why TM does not sell the Warthog from scratch with it,
but hey - then I pay with pleasure to @Sahaj for that great product.

This is a much better way to fly, I highly recommend it!

Delivery took about a week from Poland to Germany due to corona-regulations.

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I don't remember how many times I disassembled my TM Warthog HOTAS joystick trying to make it less stiff.  The best fix I used to have was replacing the 4 small springs with longer ones.  But still too stiff.  I'd relate to the tension I can feel in the joystick of my friend's actual aircraft and also to the movement I see in in-cockpit videos of Hornet pilots etc.  
So eventually I went ahead and splurged 41 Euro on the green spring from Sahaj: https://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com/shop/warthog-green-springs/. It arrived about 3 weeks after I ordered it.  Sahaj is in Poland, I'm in Australia.
I installed it yesterday and it's perfect.  There's good recentering still and the effort to flip the A-10C II from side to side is much less.  I was pelting through gullies in Syria with much, much greater accuracy and now it's actually fun, not a mission to go for a flight.  Add that to the new clouds in DCS Open Beta 2.7 and flying in VR and I believe I now have the perfect A-10 (and Harrier and Hornet) set up.
By the way, before buying Sahaj's spring, I commissioned a local spring maker to make me a lighter spring.  They quoted me $80AUD (51 Euro) which is more expensive than Sahaj's - or about the same when you consider freight) plus - they weren't able to get their machine to do it anyway.  
Definitely consider getting Sahaj's green spring - well worth it!

my tmwh rig.jpg

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