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  1. Howdy, I am able to use the ARC-15 in both the front and rear seats in the Hind in Single player for radio direction finding (compass dial moves and audio heard) When I get a friend to fly and I take the front seat in multiplayer I cannot get it to tune to a known beacon, the pilot can however tune to the beacon and hear it Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong ? the helicopter was HOT start on an airfield
  2. Hi All! My name is Dan and as part of a 3rd Party Map project for DCS, we want to hear your (the community's) opinion on a new map! So, before I confuse some of you, let me explain who "we" are. Astronomix is a team of 3 'developers' looking to create an official 3rd party map for DCS, but we cant do it without some input from the community! We want to know what maps you all would want in DCS, to help us better judge what we want to develop in the future! Our team is still very much in its infancy - but as time goes on, we will set our sights on making an official 3rd party map for DCS, but that cannot be done without your input and opinions! So, please leave any votes/ opinions in the comments below, and we will look at these as potential ideas for a future map! For any questions, or to contact us directly, our discord can be found here = https://discord.gg/4KnnJCZjkP Thanks all, - Dan
  3. To successfully join and fly multiplayer, how much bandwidth is required for the client computer? To successfully operate a dedicated server, how much bandwidth is needed per player? I'd appreciate anybody who could shed a little light on this for me. Thanks! Mark
  4. Blades of Steel - Syria [Helicopter Sandbox] - by Element All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) After the Syrian President was assassinated, that country fell into civil war as various groups fight for power. The city of Damascus is currently under siege by ruthless insurgents. Major airports and Syrian strongholds have been captured. As part of the Combined Joint Task Force (blue) we are to push the insurgents (red) out of Damascus and return peace to the city. Blades of Steel - is a PvE sandbox operation for all current DCS World helicopter modules and Syria Map. While I did develop this mission mainly for the huey and transport ops I do have missions and targets for more advanced helo modules such as sam sites, convoys, airfields, ect. You are able to play many different rolls from troop transport ops to recapturing airfields to completing ground strikes/attacks. Mission can also be play in singleplayer or multiplayer. This mission will provide hours and hours of flying fun with over 100+ different LZs for transport ops an even an option for Live Player Stats using my already included and installed EasyStats script. Features: - 100+ LZs for Troop Transport Ops - Troop Insertions - Troop Extractions - LZ's will smoke during the day and Flare at Night time.. - Combat Search and Rescue Operations (CSAR) - Ground Attack / Strike Missions - EasyStats for live player stats To Enable LIVE STATS You will need to edit your MissionScripting.lua file. Edit your MissionScripting.lua ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts") so EasyStats may create and save data. Comment out sanitizeModule('os'), sanitizeModule('io'), sanitizeModule('lfs'), and require It should look something like this... do --sanitizeModule('os') --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs') require = nil loadlib = nil end Strike / Ground Attack Missions Use menu to check for the latest targets for your unit. Also use F10 map to pinpoint its location. These will include convoys, SAM & EWR sites, as well as airfields and road outposts ect. Troop Transport Operations (DO NOT USE CTLD IF SELECTING ONE OF THESE MISSIONS) Inserts, Extractions, CSAR If you choose one of these roles and if troops are required they will be loaded and/or spawned automatically. No need to load troops via CTLD menu. Plan your route wisely! After you are assigned a mission and doing a transport operation be sure to check the F10 map so you may avoid problematic areas such as SAM sites, outposts, and strike/ground operation areas as they may provide a serious threat to your Huey or Mi8. You may wish to go around to avoid these areas during your mission. Manually Loading Infantry Troops - CTLD Menu Transport helos also have the options to transport troops into battle at any one of the current Strike / Ground Attack operations. Just be sure to drop troops within 3000 Meters of a target and troops will march and attack target. Check out the F10 Map for current ground/attack missions. Use the CTLD -> Transport menu to load troops. Most of these operations will be very tough for transport helios alone. Load troops at White Smoke at airfields or anywhere on a FARP. Things to Know: Ambush Attacks: Uh1 Hueys and Mi8s will need to stay vigilant as its very possible you may be attacked randomly by insurgents while in Enemy Territory. SAM Threats: SAM Threats are very likely , fast and low is the way to go when performing troop transport ops Download Blades of Steel Syria - By Element Support Developer - If you enjoy this mission or any other my other missions and/or scripts please consider supporting! Enjoy!! Element ********************* Updates / Change Logs 12-10-2020 - LZ's fill smoke during the day, and flare during night time ops 12-11-2020 - Fixed bug with CSAR tasks 12-15-2020 - Added 10 Addls CSAR LZs 6-16-2021 - Added the New Mi-24P Hind & Added the latest version of Easy Stats
  5. until
    VF-154 Black Knights will be doing in house training. If anyone wants to find out about us and hear about our training join us! Interested in what we do? Get in touch with us to find out more: Message me on Discord: Panny#2973 https://discord.gg/WnwT75up https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCoalitionAirForce dcafrecruitment@gmail.com
  6. For 40 minutes (yes, I timed it). Intermittent. Patch "". Clean install. Starting the game and offline, no problem. Have to kill it with Task Master.
  7. VF-154 Black Knights will be conducting in house formation flying and AAR practice on Marianas Server. Interested in what we do? Get in touch with us to find out more: https://discord.gg/WnwT75up https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCoalitionAirForce dcafrecruitment@gmail.com
  8. until
    Every Thursday night, DCAF gets together and flies ops, either in house or in conjunction with another group. Want to get involved? Get in touch with us here: https://discord.gg/WnwT75up https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCoalitionAirForce dcafrecruitment@gmail.com
  9. until
    Every Thursday night, DCAF gets together and flies ops, either in house or in conjunction with another group. Want to get involved? Get in touch with us here: https://discord.gg/WnwT75up https://www.facebook.com/DigitalCoalitionAirForce dcafrecruitment@gmail.com
  10. Hello, DCS always crashes when I´m trying to connect to a multiplayer server. It stucks at "Mission Load Done" and then my PC tells me that DCS isn´t responding anymore. I don´t know why this happens; I deleted all mods to get back to the "original" DCS version, turned my settings down to minimum, but it still doesn´t work. Single player mode works fine, even with medium settings. Thanks in advance! dcs.log
  11. dcs.log I am getting consistent screen freezing in multiplayer, but in single I can run missions with 50+ b17s and up to 20 other aircraft at the same time with no issue help and a fix to this issue would be much appreciated specs: (GPU) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (CPU) i7-8700k @ 3.7GHz 16GB Memory Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB p.s. I have only had this issue from 2.7
  12. Hello, I've been having trouble playing multiplayer due to fps dropping to 0 on busy servers. It's not very a consistent issue, sometimes I can play for about 20 minutes at about 30-40 fps before I start having issues. The game runs at around 90 fps on single player, and around 60-70 fps on a less populated server. I've been trying to troubleshoot for quite sometime and am running out of ideas. I adjusted settings in game, used system monitoring software to locate what may be slowing the system down (didn't see anything obvious to me), and have checked here and other forums but haven't seen anyone mentioning having the same problem. I also tried recommendations for the VR issues other have had. I'm only using a monitor, no VR for me. Any help would be appreciated. My specs: i7-10700K 32GB RAM 1TB SSD RTX 3070 Internet speed is about 400mb/s down and 22mb/s up, my ping in game is around 45 Thanks
  13. Now Available for Public Download! ⟽ ★ FARP Hollywood Caucasus [Helicopter Sandbox] - All Helo Modules (Single or Multiplayer) by Element ★ ⟾ Tasked based helicopter sandbox mission for the Caucasus Map that will offer hours and hours of flying time with over 100+ LZs for all DCS Helo modules. This can be played in single or multiplayer. From troop transport to ground assault tasks this sandbox has a little of everything! Features: - 100+ LZs - CSAR Tasks - Troop Insertsions - Troop Extractions - Logistical Operations - Attack Chopper Target Area - View Player Stats via F10 Menu (If enabled), plus much more! FARP Hollywood Other FARPS Instructions: Select an assignment using F10 menu. All assignments will vary in difficulty and be within range 12-28nm distance away from home base, logical task can run even further. Runtime could be between 25-45+ minutes depending on distance. Logistical task can take even longer. You must be at FARP Hollywood on the ground to select a task unless its a logistical crate mission. Troops will auto load and unload if doing a troop transport operation such as insertions, extractions, CSARs provided you are landing in the correct LZ. Want to fly with a buddy/friends? No problem. Just have the lead select the mission using F10 menu while the budd(ies) wait for instructions by the flight lead. (Ex. Have an escort for your troop ins ert operation) ⟽ Ambush Attacks⟾ Hueys and Mi8s must always be vigilant while in enemy territory as you may run into enemy ground forces in route to your LZs. You must survive throughout your entire mission even on the return trip. Smaller allied FARPS are also located within the mission to assist you on your journey for repairing, rearming, and refueling. Possible SAM THREAT. Fast and low is the way to go. You have been warned! ⟽ Ground Assault Tasks ⟾ All helicopters can perform ground assault strikes. Selected via F10 Ground Assault menu. Then Select how many players using F10 menu again. A will be taking on the mission. You will be assigned a target area. Fly to this area, seek out and destroy your targets and return to FARP Hollywood. ⟽ Troop Transport Tasks ⟾ Missions for the Uh-1 Huey and Mi8 can be selected via F10 menu. If landing in the correct area/lz troops will auto load and unload. No menu diving. While other FARPs are available to assist you, FARP Hollywood will always be your finial destination UNLESS otherwise instructed. (This does not apply to logistical operations as your finial destination could be away fr om FARP Hollywood). ⟽ Logistical Tasks ⟾ This mission also provides logistical tasks transporting crates and other containers through the campaign.You may be assigned to transport objects to other FARPS and or warehouse/supply depots. Most locations will have an ADF freq to assist with navigation. See below for freqs. Simply Select task using F10 menu. ★ Radio Freqs ★ FARP Hollywood: 40 Mhz FM Homing FARP London & MASH (Rearm, Refueling, & Hospital) Freq: 41 Mhz FM Homing (Hospital for Medivac Use Only) FARP Dallas Camp (Rearm & Refueling) Freq: 42 Mhz FM Homing Pad 1 ATC: 126.3 Mhz AM ★ Warehouses/Supply Depots Freq ★ Muhuri Supply Depot - Freq 49.10 Mhz FM Homing Zugdidi Ammunitions Depot - Freq 49.50 FM Homing FARP Freq Above ★ SRS and Other Freqs Recommendations for Servers ★ General Comms: 32 Mhz FM (SRS) KA-50 & SA342s Presets: Ch 1 - FARP Hollywood 40.0 Mhz Ch 2 - FARP London 41.0 Mhz Ch 3 - FARP Dallas 42.0 Mhz To Enable LIVE STATS You will need to edit your MissionScripting.lua file. Edit your MissionScripting.lua ("C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Scripts") so EasyStats may create and save data. Comment out sanitizeModule('os'), sanitizeModule('io'), sanitizeModule('lfs'), and require It should look something like this... do --sanitizeModule('os') --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs') require = nil loadlib = nil end Things to Know: ADF Homing Audio Signal - Please be aware the morse code audio may come in and out during your mission but signal should remain. Ambush Attacks: Uh1 Hueys and Mi8s will need to stay vigilant as its very possible you may be attacked randomly by insurgents while in Enemy Territory. SAM Threats: SAM Threats are very likely , fast and low is the way to go when performing troop transport ops Download Mission https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313795/ **************************** Change log / Updates 12-15-202 : Fixed issue with Ground Assault Tasks 6-16-2021 - Added the New Mi-24P Hind & Added the latest version of Easy Stats
  14. Hello kind pilots, here is my probelm... So I will write down all of my components right here: CPU ---> Intel Core I7 8700K 3.70 GHz (https://www.amazon.com/Intel-i7-8700K-Desktop-Processor-Unlocked/dp/B07598VZR8/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&hvadid=77790517240465&hvbmt=bb&hvdev=c&hvqmt=b&keywords=core+i7+9700k&qid=1623684884&sr=8-4) GPU ---> GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G (https://www.msi.com/Graphics-Card/support/GeForce-GTX-1080-GAMING-X-8G.html) RAM---> HyperX Fury 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 2133MHz DRAM (https://www.newegg.com/hyperx-16gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820104674?Description=16gb ram hyperx&cm_re=16gb_ram hyperx-_-20-104-674-_-Product) Motherboard ---> MSI Z370 A PRO (https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/Z370-A-PRO) Tell me if you want the rest of it but I think it's what you have to know. So here is my problem, I began to play dcs some time ago and didn't really have problems with anything, it was all running great at high settings but as the updates went to come I incountered this issue... I am lagging a lot and what I mean by lagging is a frozen screen for multiple secconds, sometimes long enough to make me crash my plane while I can't do anything... It is very annoying and happens mainly when I'm close to other players. So I don't know if it's a computer hardware problem. I lowered my settings, but it still lags, and the game runs just fine in solo with even higher settings. Is it maybe my RAM ? I have 16go and I saw that the recommended config was with 16go ram (they are maybe talking about playing in solo, right ?). When I checked the benchmarks while playing I didn't get much higher than 14go so I don't know... If the RAM wasn't the problem then I thought: maybe my connection is. I did mulltiple speedtests and always got similar results which are 45 Mbps in download and 20Mbps in upload. Are these numbers too low(maybe the upload in particular). I don't know what I can do more, maybe I should reinstall DCS ? I also checked if it was running in all of the logical processors but it already was, so no problem there... I'll try to lower my settings even more than what it is now but I find it weird that with this config it has that much of a problem running it in multiplayer but again maybe it's not my config, (it runs perfectly in solo with heavy missions)... Thank you for hellping me out...
  15. OPERATION DESERT STORM | FICTIONAL | INFORMATION LETTER SHORT REMINDER: THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REAL LIFE OPERATION DESERT STORM! __________________________________________________________ Singleplayer - YES Multiplayer - YES COOP - YES Each other - YES Against each other - YES __________________________________________________________ Syria Map - Required Carrier Module - Highly Recommended Tf-51 / Is Free & should be Pre Installed Gray Shark Skin - Recommended 16-32 GB Ram - Recommended Hello and welcome to the information sheet on the mission "Operation Desert Storm" Operation Desert Storm is a dynamic mission that means there are multiple possible endings! You can play Operation Desert Storm alone, in co-op or against each other! There are no limits! The main goal in Operation Desert Storm is to take out the enemy aircraft (AI) and then land! Whoever manages this first, decides the victory for his faction! If one faction wins, the other faction loses! Again, you can fight the AI with a friend and then land. Or you can fight the enemy AI on your own while your friend / enemy has to do the same against you! The first to turn off all targets wins! You can of course do 2v2 1v2 and so on, no limits! The location is on the new Syria map and starts at sunrise! Now you are setup for my first Dynamic Mission and I really hope you will enjoy it! I have also added a Airshow! So you can train with oldschool aircraft like the TF51 or BF109! (please keep in mind that this mission does not try to be realistic at all! Its a 100% Generic Fun Mission, something you just wanna throw on without thinking to much and just testing out the latest stuff of DCS!) OPERATION DESERT STORM CONTENT - 2 rival factions, each with 4 selectable airmen - Real radio messages from the political groups: USA & RUSSIA - Different endings possible (Dynamic Mission) - Audio announcements if a team member has died or an enemy player has been eliminated. - Audio announcements if an enemy is sighted in the area & warning if you are in an enemy area. - The latest carriers are available for both factions! - SAM targets available for both factions (A-10II, SU25T - to counter SAM site) - Mission briefing for each Faction! - RAM friendly, despawning of cinematic aircrafts, carrier and assets only spawn when needed (if you spawn inside a f14 it will unlock the carrier (same for russian carrier and cinematic aircraft) - Many many IF conditions for a balanced game flow - Self-made mission pictures so that you know what your task is! - Airshow (Ram friendly, if you spawn in a Neutral aircraft everything that is related with the Operation Desert Storm Mission will despawn so you save Ram and can press F2 without seeing other aircraft then yours! REAL ATC AUDIO RECORDINGS For an immersive feeling! Russian and American Voices! Alerts and kill confirmation Voice! SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT RUSSIA: - Su 33 (on Carrier) - Su 33 (on Carrier) - Mig 29 (on Airbase) - Su25T (on Airbase) - Su27 (on Airbase) SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT USA: - F14 B (on Carrier) - F18 (on Carrier) - F16 (on Airbase) - F14 A (on Airbase) - A10II (on Airbase) ------------------------------------------------------------------ SELECTABLE AIRCRAFT NEUTRAL (AIRSHOW): - BF109 (on Airbase) - Mig29 (on Airbase) - Spitfire (on Airbase) - TF 51 (on Airbase) - AV8B (on Airbase) EPIC BATTLEFIELD INTRO SONG Epic Intro for following units - F14 B - F18 Whats planned for future Update: - adding 2 Helicopters with unqiue Tasks for each Faction (Hind + Blackshark - Russia) (Apache + Huey - America) OPERATION DESERT STORM TEASER (we recommend you downloading the Gray Shark Skin for cool looking SU33 AI and Client Aircraft ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3312850/ ) ENJOY OPERATION DESERT STORM ( https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/files/3316674/ ) | REMINDER FOR THE DOWNVOTERS | the Operation name was a mistake, i accept it. So please evaluate the mission and not the name! And for the Haters: If you are not able to read a description then i cant help you! The name is definently not a misleading Title, i wrote down like a 100 times that this mission is Fictional! With best regards BlazeXI
  16. Bugs been around long before 2.7. Plane float above runway (seen once yesterday). Otherwise varying degrees of underground, just a bit of wheels buried to gears fully buried (saw that too yesterday. Wings buried is rare but happens. I assume it's not just me? Not a huge deal, but not right either. If I'd estimate, I'd see this every second time I fly multiplayer. Old pic.
  17. One thing that I have thought may be useful to users is to have the Region dropdown on the server browser function as a series of checkboxes - a multi-select option for the filter. I say this because I have noticed from my own list, as a North American user that I see servers in Asia load before I see some nearby North American servers populate the list by more than a few seconds. Servers within the Asia-Pacific region for me have too high of a ping to be properly playable anyway, so it would be nice to filter them out and see more of the ones I could potentially make use of & sooner as the list loads. This would equally work for users of other regions to say, filter out North America and/or Europe as they desire. A small quality of life improvement I think would benefit the community at large, and is more user-friendly than changing between regional filters in case you want to look through more than one region at a time.
  18. Hi y'all! I've tried literally everything I can think of, but when I try to load into a buddies server I CTD without a crash report window. Also I tried loading into my own server and Growling Sidewinders server and had no issues whatsoever. Attached is the crash log, I would really appreciate some feedback ASAP so I can fly on my buddies server. Thanks! dcs.20210423-102142.crash
  19. Black Tails is an European, semi-serious, Virtual Fighter Squadron. Our main plane is F-16C, but we also fly other planes in support and aggressor roles. We have been using DCS since it's creation and currently fly on Thursdays and as-available basis. We organize medium sized, PVP/PVE dynamic campaigns on a weekly basis, which are set up and organised by our competent mission makers. How we play Our community is based on semi-serious fun and we fly to have a good time. We base our tactics and procedures on various public documents, use fighter pilot lingo and fly in an organized manner. BUT! We believe that too much realism can negatively impact the DCS experience and therefore we do not aim to replicate military life or implement certain tactics or procedures, that serve no use in a flight simulation other than waste time. There are no ranks or addressing people as »Sir«. We're here to have a good time. Want to join? We welcome all players, veterans and rookies alike, our members are happy to help and teach new pilots. Only real requirement we have is that you are nice to fellow squadron mates, own F-16C Viper and the Syria map. We invite anyone who's interested or has any questions to contact us on our Discord or at our Home page.
  20. Hi Folks, ich würde gerne für unsere Spieler eine kleine Online-Kampagne erstellen. Im Editor habe ich fünf Einzelmissionen erstellt, Missionsziele definiert und dann zur Kampagne hinzugefügt. Wenn ich alles auf den Server lade, sind nur die Einzelmissionen sichtbar, jedoch nicht die Kampagne an sich. Aber es ist ja gerade der Sinn der Sache, je nach Punktestand der erfüllten Aufgaben pro "Stufe" verschiedene Missionen anzubieten. Dazu habe ich gleich mehrere Fragen: Muss ich speziell bei den Triggern der Einzelmissionen was bestimmtes einstellen, damit das Kampagnen-Modul dann entscheidet, ob die Einzelmission als erfüllt gilt? Oder reicht da z.B. ein "Missionsende"-Trigger oder "Neue Mission laden"-Trigger? Oder was auch immer? Im Editor kann ich ja noch extra die Missionsziele mit erreichter Punktzahl einstellen, anhand dessen wird ja dann entschieden, ob die Mission als erfüllt gilt, wenn man die Punktzahl so wählt, dass man über 50 Punkte kommt und es sollte die nächste Mission automatisch kommen, oder nicht? Kann ich Kampagnen überhaupt auf dem Server spielen? Ich bekomme nämlich keine Kampagnendatei auf dem Server in der Missionsauswahl angezeigt, nur die Einzelmissionen aus dem Kampagnen-Ordner. Oder muss ich in irgendeiner .lua-Datei noch etwas ändern? Ich bin gerade ein wenig ratlos. Habe mich an den Editor-Guide gehalten, aber es funzt nicht. Grüße Purzel
  21. Hello Community, I tried to find a function or command to autockick all players from a multiplayer server but without success. In the specific I want to kick all player from the server before the server restart that is scheduled every 4 hours beacause server dosn't restart automatically if find a connected player. Could you please help me for this? Thank you very much in advanced.
  22. This has happened in the past to me but was fixed before. This crash related bug has returned. Has happened twice in 10 Cat Shots. Hookup to CAT 2. Launch off the deck. As I do my clearing turn the game completely crashes a few seconds after leaving the deck. Happens so often I started to test it with the F-14A&B to see if it happens. The F-14 has never crashed. Each time I have done this I was on a Multiplayer Server. Here is the following crash dump from both incidents today. Crash #1 dcs.log-20210130-054454.zip Crash #2 dcs.log-20210130-010204.zip
  23. XSAF Operation Alpha, Week 5 Documentary (server experience) "This is a live filmed op in DCS World on the XSAF Camelot server on during the closed Sat operation. The only polish is good editing and composition." XSAF hosts a public server, with a persistent and truly dynamic mission unlike anything else in DCS. This is available to the public, for free, thanks to the "Mad Scientist" we know as @PravusJSB. Want to come fly with us in the closed operation? Come fly in the public server and rank up (promotions exist in our server) - we'll see you in the virtual skies! This video, captures the mission and builds the excitement - but the real excitement and satisfaction when you fly in the mission, are an integral part of the success, get to experience all of the tools available to you, and the rest of the team! Rotary wing ops, we've got it. Fixed wing ops, we've got it. Carrier ops, we've got it. Airfield ops, we've got it. Air to air, we've got it. Air to ground, we've got it. Day and night ops, we've got it. AAR, we've got it. Finite resources (airframes, weapons, fuel) - we've got it. Factories - we've got them. Build airframes and weapons, we've got it. Warehouse supply logistics, we've got it. Rotary and fixed wing personal escorts (so to speak) - we've got them. Supply chain - we've got it. Fog of war - we've got it. Visual recon - we've got it. Tactical bomber strikes - we've got them. Tactical tomahawk strikes - we've got them. Reaper drone strikes - we've got them. Human GCI(s) - we've got them. SRS - we've got it. Custom kneeboards - we've got them. JTAC(s) = we've got them. AI that think like a human player (and better) - we've got it. AI that strategize, bait, react to your decisions - we've got it. Team work- we've got it. Want to be a part of a true team environment, be a part of something greater, feel like you are truly contributing to the mission progress? Click here for XSAF Discord Server Invite Cheers, Ziptie
  24. Not terribly important. A lot longer from players pov.
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