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Default A-10C Campaign: Operation Jackal

I have converted my Ka-50 Blackshark campaign for use with the A-10C. Slight target changes but mostly the same. If you encounter any problems or any comments, please say. See Ka-50 version here: Ka-50 Operation Jackal.

Download Link (24MB)
The download includes the single player campaign package and individual multiplayer coop missions.

Individual Missions (SP)
Already completed the campaign, or finished a mission and just want to replay that mission? Download the specific mission at bottom of the post (attachments) and put it in whatever folder you wish to load it from.

Story is simple:
Jackal is a long time enemy and his reign of terror on the civilians need to end. You will systematically reduce his forces and supplies until ultimately, you find him and kill him.

  • Single player or Two player MP COOP.
  • Difficulty: Relatively easy. This is not an advance campaign with mass battles in each mission. The hardest parts is usually utilizing your payloads and wingman to maximum efficiency
  • Voices: Yes, just mine though.
  • Missions: Six total missions
  • Flight times: Some are long, some are short. If they are long, remember you can ctrl+z to speed up time (in single player)
  • Targets: Some missions have little, some have quite a few. For coop. most missions will have larger target types & quantities but same tasking
  • Wingman: You'll have a wingman for a couple of the missions, otherwise it's solo. (no wingman in MP coop)
  • Weather: Season is winter in January with low temps. Winds very from calm to a breeze. There is one night time mission.
  • Weapons: Most missions have loadouts that include AGM-65D's, GBU-12's and CBU-97's.
  • Jtacs: Yes, each mission uses jtacs.

Install instructions
Drop the "Mods" folder into your DCS Folder.


Singleplayer Campaign:
DCS World > Main Menu > Campaign > A-10C > Operation Jackal

Multiplayer COOP:
When you start a server, in the drop down menu, select A-10C > Multiplayer > choose mission # you want to play.(e.g. Jackal-coop-1 etc)

Play individual mission?

If you already beat the campaign or just want to play an individual mission, then:
Main Menu > Mission > select A-10C at top > click top folder > Campaign > select Jackal mission # you wish to play.

Playing a previous version?
Install like normal, just simply drop the mods folder into your DCS folder and continue your campaign. It will automatically update the campaign missions to the current version.


DCS Uninstall Singleplayer Campaign package:
1. Go to - \DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\A-10C\Missions\EN\Campaigns
2. Delete the Jackal.miz and Jackal.cmp files.

DCS Uninstall MP COOP Mission package:
1. Go to - \DCS World\Mods\aircrafts\A-10C\Missions\EN\Multiplayer
2. Delete the Jackal.miz files.

Previous version fix list

v1.5 added 1/26/2013
- V1.5 is not compatible with previous versions. The reason for this is, moving forward, I did not want version numbers in filenames and campaign as it may cause confusion. The campaign is in a good state, so I will be releasing it on DCS website as well as here. You can always check your current version in the briefing.
- Mission 1 uzi ground soldier adjusted to (hopefully) avoid randomly, rarely, being stuck.
- Mission 6 payload changed.
- Mission 6 adjustment to jackal, sometimes he would go defensive on foot. This didn't prevent you from killing him or the outcome of the campaign, but it's a storyline fix to allow him to run to chopper.
- Added readme back into zip and updated it.
- Added multiplayer and single player into one package. There was really no need for two seperate installs. Now you will always have both and can simply chose which to play.

- Mission 5: (SP & MP Fix) Fixed an issue preventing mission 5 from completing. Adjusted uzi cargo soldier route (again). Cleaned up vehicles around him and change route a little, so he shouldn't get stuck anymore. Also added a secondary trigger for a win, once Uzi takes off for RTB's it'll be a victory, in case the demo team fails to blowup ammo.
- Changed a few waypoints in all missions, (ie: removed some rtb in 2 waypoints as most missions it wasn't needed)

- Fixed mission scoring for single player. This should prevent missions reverting to previous missions on exit, and keep you on your current mission.
- Added weather info to briefing for MP COOP, as in MP you can't see it in biefing.
- Fixed mission 1 MP COOP loadout, mistakenly had training mavericks on instead of the real ones

- Mission 5: (SP & MP fix) Change UZI route and zone logic so they would always blow up the buildings, in some cases this wasn't occurring.
- Mission 5: (SP fix) Removed a couple targets from the north and south anti-air groups, this was done in single player to help compensate for the sometimes erratic or dumb wingman. Targets remain unchanged in mission 5 MP coop.
- Some minor adjustments to a couple waypoints and briefings.

- MP COOP only - Fixed jtac assignment in first and third missions.

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Mission Overviews
Mission 1
You are to assist UZI in retrieving documents from Jackal's house that contain the information we need for Jackal's operation locations. Take out the infantry guards to secure the area for UZI to search.

Mission 2
Jackal has control over Krymsk airfield. Remove his forces from Krymsk. Your CDU is pre-programmed with anti-air threat locations (WP 3, 4 and 5). After AAA threats are neutralized, contact Jtac.

Mission 3
Jackal has caught us off guard while relocating to Anapa and is striking Krymsk airfield with Artillery. Defend Krymsk. Land, refuel and rearm at krymsk, then take out the Artillery. Contact Jtac colt once you've rearmed for TGT location.

Mission 4
Today, We will be elimating Jackal's heavily guarded fuel operations. Clear the battlefield. Once cleared, UZI's Demolition team will blowup fuel related buildings.

Mission 5
Take out Jackal's North and South anti-air threats, jtac can give you coords. Once anti-air is clear, clean up all Vehicle and Personnel enemy units at AMMO OP. Then, UZI's Demolition team will blowup ammo related buildings.

Mission 6
Jackal's forces are deminished. He has fled to Novarossisysk. Find him, and kill him.
Fly to Novorossiysk, contact jtac axeman for house location. Jtac for this mission will give you only one group to hit, however, take out all targets. Jtac's coords are just to put you on-location.
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Sounds very cool, thanks for sharing
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Looks great Quirk, nice job. Might have to take the covers off my ka-50 for this one.
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Hi quirk!
Just tried your first MP mission with a friend and after three runs over flight route, Jtac was keep saying " no further tasks...etc" and we ended RTB with full payload.
I downloaded your 2nd zip file (v1 MP) and put entire Mod folder on my DCS mais folder.
C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods

I don't have any mod on my DCS neither any mods folder.
Did anyone more experience this?
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Ok, new fixes for v1.1 MP COOP version. Fixed jtac in mission 1 and 3. they didn't have any groups assigned. While converting it to coop, I simply forgot to re-assign the group. all the jtacs should be fine now for group assignments. Talk about embarrassing, play it COOP and first mission didn't even work :/.

New missions have -v1.1 at the end. Any other feedback good or bad please post.

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Ive played through mission 1 and 2. Cool missions. Thanks Quirk!
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quick question: is this for A-10C standalone or which version of world (if it is world?)

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Made it using DCS World and there for, use in DCS world. No idea if it would work with stand a lone, I assume not.
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Thank you for this, it gives me something to do on my last day off work.
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