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Default DCS World & Joystick issue.

Hello All.

I made a account to ask on the forums, After searching I couldn't find any answers or at least anything to fix my problem.

First off, I've owned and ran DCS A-10C off my steam version since I got the game. A few days ago I downloaded World, And then DCS A-10C from the websites as well. (via exe).

Right away my first problem is not being able to load my joystick (G940) profiles into the control options in the game. (Under Sim or anything). Just nothing shows up. The version of profile I've used with the Steam version and trying to use under DCS World is this; (http://www.****************/index.php...-config-files/ ).

Any idea's what could be the issue of my profiles not loading?

My second problem which is also not present in the Steam version is AppHangB1 or something of the likes. After about 10 minutes or so the game will just lock up and crash. This never happened in the Steam version, So I'm assuming it's a 32 / 64 bit issue?

The one post I did find about this, Was to go into Control Panel / System Config / Boot / Advanced Settings / And manually set my cores to 4. This also did not help or fix the problem.

Any help would be wonderful or idea's! I'm sorry if these questions have been answered and just kindly point me to where they are. I really didn't know what to look up.

Thanks A lot!

To Add some system info.

Windows 7 (64 Bit)
CPU: Intel 930
Ram 16 Gigs (Corsair 1600)
GPU: eVGA GTX480 x2.
MB: eVGA X58

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I'm not certain on this problem. I've ran DCS:World with A-10C on both Windows 7 and now Windows 8 on quad core machines on an eVGA 260 and now on a 660ti with no issues.

Try asking this in the bugs and problems sub-forum. It might reach more relevant readers there.
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Ok, let's check for some details for the joystick config.
Did you use the old DCS A-10C files and just copied them into the config folder, or did you try the load profile option and pointed to a previously saved config file for the Logitech? Is the Logitech shown as one usb controller or two separate devices e.g. joystick and throttle?
Do you get a weird setup or simply nothing?

In general old profiles from DCS A-10C or earlier may not work in DCS World as expected, thus it is recommended to create them from scratch. Basically it works, but some of the new Key commands will be not accessible when using older configs. The reason is, the lua file does contain script like commands that DCS translates into the key commands, if you use old files it does not tell about new commands.

I would recommend to simply go through the task of creating a new profile from scratch. Alternative is to use win-merge or similar tools to merge the existing key comands in the old lua into the new one... too much effort for my taste.

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