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Default Dummies Guide for the “MonitorSetup.lua“

Dummies Guide for the “MonitorSetup.lua“ and placing/positioning different view-ports 1.0.X

Dummies Guide for the “MonitorSetup.lua“
and placing/positioning different view-ports 1.0.X

1. Overview

2. The “Monitor Setup Lua” file

2.1 The “Center” View-port

2.2 The “MFCD” View-ports

3. The “MFCD” View-ports at a second monitor

3.1 Two Monitors with same resolution

3.2 Two Monitors with different resolution

4. Link-list for known bugs and the workarounds



It's 16 pages and should cover all aspects for a successfully Multi-monitor set-up.

The first two pages:

This is version1.0.X - I will probably change some things.
Please let me know if everything is logical correct and if you found some bad typos/grammar.
I only read it three-times up to now.
And I was writing it all today.
So please give me a slag if everything is not absolute top-notch up-to now.
And some things are still missing.

File: Dummies Guide for the “MonitorSetup.lua“1.0.2.pdf.zip
Size: 1.54 Mb

This pre-sets will switch on the export of avionics to dedicated view-ports - just by simple copy'n'paste.
And will remove any conflicts between A10C and Ka-50

>>> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.ph...11#post1541311


This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 1024x576.

...and there is no need to set your left screen as Main in a 'windowd' setup if you don't want to.
Use the 'Phantommonitorfix' to align the DCS simulation screen in your Top-Left corner of your whole desktop - even if your left monitor isn't the main-screen.

Tip - place the exe or a shortcut of this skript it in your startup folder ,
C:\Users\>User Name<\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup to lower your workload .
So it is loaded when your system boots and you don't have to manually start it any more.
- It uses no measurable recurrences and only gets active when DCS.exe is loaded.

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Many thanks for taking the time to do this, Peter.
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Great Work! Thank you for that!

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Thanks! -
I really didn't expected 80 downloads after 24 hours.... (OK - that means nothing - as the question is : How many really read it?!)

I will add next weekends probably 3-4 more points that show how to enable and use additional view-ports that at default not available, like e.g PVI, CDU, ect.
And we will take a look at setting up a a system with two usb-monitors. -as this seems to be the most frequently asked question on the forum.
And than even a example with Helios together - and when I have still skin on my fingertips after typing this, I will give a brief overview about SoftTH to run everything in full-screen mode.

-that's the plan.

And I want to excuse myself for my grammatical in-perfection and typos... I just stared at it too long (and I changed too often the entire structure - until it seems to be "right")...
I read it today again and had to LoL sometimes...

... sorry I was always better at maths than language - even in German.
(did you know?!: multiply a number with five - and it will always have a 5 or a zero at the end.... - see... , you can't do this with grammar ! )

I talked today with a US-American speaker and he promised me to cross-check it when finished.

But please feel free to tell me -novice or experienced user , this doesn't matter- what may to change - where you have the biggest difficulties to comprehend /follow.

... I'm so used to edit things like this that I might miss important steps to explain because some things are absolute natural for me and I didn't think to mention them.

Short: constructive criticism is very welcome!

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Nice work Peter
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Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for this good and easy understanable tutorial! I rarly tought about using my second monitor as a MFCD/Abris, but with your tutorial I got it to work in a few minutes.


EDIT: Is it normal that I can't use the F2, F3, etc to change to the outside view anymore, after setting up windowed mode?
EDIT2: Sorry, I think I had the comms menu open, and I was clicking arround in there instead changing views.
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Sorry, once me again. I have another two little problems left, after I set up the screens like you described.
-When I press a key on my keyboard DCS does what it should, but I can also hear a "ding" (the "ding" windows makes when you press a key while you are on the desktop). That is not a huge problem, but it would be nice if I could fix it.

-The bigger problem I have now, that I can't use my mousewheel any more. I am able to toggle swithes, with both, the left and the right button, butt I can't turn any dials anymore.
Also, it would be awsome if you may have a solution for this problem.

BTW: I have read a little bit about SoftTH and it sounds if it would be able to solve my problems, because I am back in fullscreen then, wouldn't it?

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This has nothing to do with DCS - it seems that DCS is not the top window and the key-presses will run at desktop level- sorry cant help you. - you have to check that DCS is always the active window. - and maybe others windows are open that can get activated by a combination of key-presses or scripts.

About SoftTH: please follow the appropriate link - everything you want to know/ask is already explained there.
Well, you have to dig a little - or simply ask your question over there.

PMed with xxJohnxx and everything is now working as it should - it was a classic PEBKAC.

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Great Job Thx bro
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Thanks Peter, great info for those new to multi monitor setups.
Can you tell me how to stop displaying the MFDs in the cockpit? Had it like this pre DCSW, and now i find it very distracting having them displayed twice.
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