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Default MP Mission: Operation Hacienda

(changes to mission in bold)
- 6 player co-op
- live AFAC slots
- extensive voice over and radio calls (sample:
- about 3.0 hours to complete
- many thanks to my friends at the 1st VFW for help with the voiceovers!
- suggest do not fly this as a two ship, minimum four ship, six preferred!
- maps below are provided in PDF format (higher res) in .zip download
- V2 ramp start at Batumi
- V2 mission, convoy is sped up, reducing mission time a little
- V2 various small tweaks, fixes


Georgia is in turmoil. Over the past 72 hours, South Ossetian separatists have seized control of Tbilisi and are now operating with near impunity in and around the capital. The Georgian government is in shambles. With the capital engrossed in lawlessness and violence, civilians are fleeing in droves.

Without sufficient warning, US Embassy personal were unable to escape Georgia prior to South Ossetian forces seizing control of both the local airports and roadways. As of 1600 hours, the resident USMC unit, callsign GRAPPLER 11, had barricaded the embassy compound and were actively defending against an onslaught of separatist attacks. These attacks are believed to be deliberate actions by rouge separatist factions unconcerned with bringing the United States into the fray.

The embassy Marines are relatively lightly equipped with a few Stryker ICV/ATGM and armored HUMVEES, with limited anti-tank and anti-air capability. They can only be expected to hold out a few more hours against the increasingly organized efforts against them. A convoy of these armored vehicles is being organized to transport the all personnel from the embassy to the Tbilisi-Lochini airport as soon as a transport can safely land.

A C-130 out of Incirlik, callsign PONTIAC, is inbound to extract these personnel once the airfield is secured. Supporting roles will be provided by A-10's (CAS), F-16's (SEAD) from 31st FW Aviano, and a KC-135 from Incirlik.

Latest intel reports an SA-8 battery digging in near Tbilisi-Lochini airport, as well as numerous ZSU-24-4, mobile ZU-23 and at least one SA-19s setting up in and around the city. An Ossetian SA-9 is reported to be operating in the northern part of the city. MANPADS units are also available to separatist forces and may be deployed. Enemy air assets are expected to limited to helos. Anticipate highest anti-air threat axis' from the north and/or near the airports.

Additional intel will be provided as it becomes available by Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC), EC-130E callsign CYLON 41.

DALLAS 2 (4x F16d) will be tasked with elimination of the SA-8 battery near Tbilisi-Lochini and any other SAM threats identified.

2 KC-135s will be available:

ARCO 7 (275.300, 60X) at tanker track POSEIDON (south of Khashuri)

SHELL 3(305.225, 47X) at tanker track ARES (located 30mi south of Tbilisi)

ARCO/POSEIDON will only be available until 1930 hours. If air refuel is required mid-mission, stagger trips to SHELL/ARES to ensure A-10s are over target and providing CAS at all times.

ROE: Engage any direct enemy ground or air threats to the embassy/USMC personnel or to the mission. IF ITS ADVANCING ON THE EMBASSY, ENGAGE AND DESTROY. Given the high volume of potential threats in the area, ordinance management will be critical. If it is not a direct/immediate threat to the embassy, convoy/route, or extraction flight at the airfield, continue to monitor but do not engage.

A-10 Flight Tasks:

1) Refuel w/ARCO 71 at tanker track POSEIDON.

2) Coordinate with GRAPPLER 11(USMC) to support defense of embassy compound.

3) Clear any remaining AAA or ground threats near Tbilisi-Lochini airfield.

3) Provide CAS for GRAPPLER 11 during convoy transport of embassy personnel from ALAMO to HACIENDA.

4) Upon safe egress of embassy personnel, escort Pontiac 11 to Turkish Border. Land back at Batumi.

All flight plans include AR tracks, Anchor/Hold positions, IPs, Alamo, Checkpoints (CP) Alpha to Delta along the convoy route, and Hacienda.

MISTY 4......2x A-10C (AFAC)
HAWG 5......2x A-10C (CAS)
TUSK 8------- 2x A-10C (CAS)
DALLAS 2--- 2x F-16d (SEAD)
CYLON 41....EC-130E (ABCCC)
FOCUS 11....E-3A (AWACS) (333.225)
ARCO 71.....KC-135 (275.300, 60Y)
SHELL 31....KC-135 (305.225, 47Y)
GRAPPLER 11...USMC Units, US Embassy

Additional radio callsigns:
ALAMO = US embassy compound
HACIENDA = Tbilisi-Lochini (International) airport

2x AGM-65G
4x GBU-12
7x M151 HE Rockets (8xLUU-2/MISTY)
1150 CM

Package Comms/AWACS = 333.225 UHF
MISTY 4 Flight Comms = 31.900 FM
HAWG 5 Flight Comms = 75.500 FM
TUSK 8 Flight Comms = 66.600
ARCO 71 = 275.300 AM
SHELL 51 = 305.225 AM

Mission by Joyride 476th vFG (aka deephouse)

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Wow, looks great!
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The radio chatter is excellent, can't wait to fly this mission.
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Thanks Ranger!
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Oh man, nice!

Thanks for sharing!
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We love your other missions over on Hoggit, and we're super excited to give this one a go.
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That looks promising and a realistic scenario for immersion. Good we do not have Spangdahlem in the DCS world, flying all the way would be a little too realistic, even for my tast...

I am just about to get into the A-10C and still struggeling with the basics. Anyhow, I am looking for more missions of this type, so thank you in advance.

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Downloaded it from DCS user files. maybe add a link to the first post. Always enjoy your missions deep. What do you have planed for an encore?

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Another outstanding mission my friend!
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Thanks, guys.

As for the flight from Spangdahlem, just run this after sitting in your office chair all day to simulate the 5+ hour flight time that would have been incurred by the time this mission starts. No getting up to stretch, though. ;-)
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