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Exclamation A-10C Patch Available

A-10C Patch Available

The DCS: A-10C Warthog Patch is now available for download. Unlike some of our past product patches that had a large number changes and too often took a long time to create, for A-10C we will create patches with fewer changes but at more regular intervals. This also reduces the chances of new bugs being introduced.

This first patch includes what we could resolve over a two week period. We fully understand that there are still remaining bugs and the legitimate ones will be addressed in later patches. We simply could not resolve all of them in this first patch. Please have patience as the remaining bugs are resolved.

After applying the patch to an installed version of DCS: A-10C Warthog, please reboot your computer before running the game.

Download from: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.co...ch_1.1.0.6_en/

Patch Items:

• Fixed some discrepancies and mismatches in the default input profiles.
• Fixed minor bugs in the Quick Start missions.
• Fixed AI target acquisition bug in the bad weather. AI aircraft should no longer perform multiple runs on target without weapons release.
• Fixed minor graphics glitches when flying through overcast.
• Fixed CTD in the GUI input panel caused by reassigning commands on the some joysticks.
• Two working smoke generators on the A-10C is now possible.
• Integrated “Make TXT” function to the input panel. This function will make a TXT file of all device profiles with player's input assignments.
• Added a new “TREES VISIBILITY” slider in the graphics option panel. It allows you to adjust trees visibility from 1,500 to 15,000 meters independently of visibility range option.
• Fixed background of rank promotion window.
• The minimum value of the THICKNESS slider for overcast is limited to 200 meters by reason of technological limitation.
• Fixed a bug with non moving ground vehicles at some conditions observed in the release.
• AI-fighter will now always try to launch AA missile when target has entered into non-escape envelope. However, AI-fighters will fire missile immediately if it appears the fighter is losing its first-launch superiority.
• In the ME, the speed value of the first point of a route will not reset after mission play in simulator.
• The night sights were removed from MANPAD SAMs.
• Fixed a bug with "Left Hydraulics Res" and "Left Hydraulics pressure" failure after repair.
• MWS on the A-10C will react to all missiles in the certain range, not only hostile.
• Increased range of LOD switching from 1,200 to 2,200 for Vasiani hangars.
• Added missing textures of Tunguska, Kub and Buk missiles.
• Master Caution will not active when starting an engine.
• Added missing green position light on the AH-1 Cobra.
• Adjusted oxygen mixture for high altitudes. The pilot will not suffer hypoxia during high altitude flight.
• Fixed incorrect animation sequence for M257 illumination rocket.
• After repair, the A-10C will not sink a bit into surface.
• Decreased indicated wrong range of the Avenger SAM.
• ME. Removed Aggressiveness option list from Advanced Panel - Action for preventing the conflict with “Reaction to Threat” options.
• ME. Added “Allow Abort Mission” point to the “Reaction to Threat” option list.
• Corrected some parking positions and shelters in the Vasiani airbase.
• ME. Weapon combo box works properly if "Attack Group" and "Attack Unit" both present in the same waypoint.
• Fixed length of hint fields with hyphenation.
• The birds slider will work now.
• Adjusted munitions expenditure per target calculation for AI aircraft.
• Corrected some mission in the campaigns.
• At mission saving the scenes option will be taken from the mission options not player options.
• MP. Fixed jitter of client’s aircraft flaps at cold start.
• MP. Fixed crash causing by bug in the datalink.
• Fixed bugs in the debriefing log filters.
• MP. Fixed crash with mixing 32 and 64 bit clients.
• Fixed crash with jettison weapon in the Game mode.
• Fixed JTAC Single player Radio comms crash.
• Fixed some issues with the radio communication menu.
• Fixed CTD at attempt to save mission in a game system folder.
• ME. The template units can be dragged now.
• Fixed the rain effect.
• Fixed landing gear of the Mi-8 3D model.
• Intensity knob on the A-10C UFC is working now.
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