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Exclamation DCS A-10C Warthog FAQ


Q: What are the recommended system requirements?
Operating system: 64-bit Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom X3 8750 or better
Memory: 4GB
Hard disk space: 7 GB
Video: Shader 3.0 or better; 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT DirectX 9.0c or better
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
DirectX®: 9.0C

Q: Is DCS: A-10C Warthog online-compatible with DCS: Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2?
A: Version and later is online-compatible with DCS: Black Shark 2. Online-compatibility with Flaming Cliffs 3 is planned.

Q: Where is the Nevada terrain from the early betas?
A: This will be released as a separate upgrade map in 2012.

Q: Does DCS: A-10C use copy protection?
A: Yes, it uses the new user-friendly ProActive AAA Technology.
You will no longer have a fixed number of activations, but in an effort to prevent piracy the system does limit the number of activations per month. Your DCS A-10C serial number is initially set to 8 activations and when they all are spent, 1 activation is added automatically once, after 31 days.
ProActive AAA Technology does not install any drivers on your PC. It works as an integrated part of the DCS files but has no special privileges in your system.
For more information, please refer to this forum thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=59002

Q: Where are my missions, tracks, options settings, and screen shots saved?
A: For Windows 7 users, look in your /Users/(name)/Saved Games/A-10C folder. If you wish to do a complete re-installation, you may with to remove this folder.

Q: What will be the next DCS aircraft after the A-10C?
A: We will announce this several months after A-10C is available world-wide in retail stores. Enjoy A-10C in the meantime.

Q: When will the boxed DVD version of A-10C be available?
A: This is subject to change, but by country:
• US/Canada - Released - Jack of All Games
• Japan/South Korea (English) - Released
• Australia/Asia Pac (English) - Released- Mindscape
• Europe (English) - Released
• Germany (German) - Released
• France (French) - November
• Spain (Spanish) - October
• Italy (English Software) - October

Q: Will a printed version of the Flight Manual be made available.
A: We do plan to sell a printed version but we have no release date at this time. When we do, it will be posted.


Q: Does DCS: A-10C use all cores on my CPU?
A: Not fully. It does include the new sound engine which operates in a separate thread, and does take advantage of some DirectX threading features when running on Windows Vista or 7.

Q: Is there a 64-bit version?
A: Yes. The installer contains both 32 and 64-bit versions and installs the version that is appropriate for your operating system. We highly recommend using a 64-bit OS to allow use of the 64-bit version of the game.

Q: I don't see any performance gain between 32-bit and 64bit. What am I doing wrong?
A: 64-bit allows the software to access more memory, which improves loading times and reduces stuttering and reloading. It does not increase FPS in general.

Q: Can i install and run both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions on the same system with one SF key?
A: Yes, if you have a multi-boot system with both 32 and 64 bit Windows versions, you can install the game on both using the same license key. They will need to be activated separately, however.

Q: Does DCS: A-10C support ATI's EyeFinity™ multi-monitor setup?
A: Yes.

Q: I have no sound, all sliders are on 100%
A: Reinstall DirectX 9c - Link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/e...displaylang=en

Q: I sometimes see black buildings and black clouds, what is wrong?
A: Your system is probably running out of system RAM. Try lowering your graphics setting; in particularly Textures, Scenes, and Visib Range. We recommend a 64-bit OS with at least 4 GB of RAM.

Q: I have a 32-bit OS and I am having problems running the game. What should I do?
A: If you use Win 7 \ Vista 32-bit, please read this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...20&postcount=8
A: If you use XP 32-bit OS, please use the /3GB Switch. Direction are here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...9&postcount=38

Q: I am having game crashes and stability problems. What should I do?
A: Please make sure you have the latest DirectX (June 2010). http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/e...1-50ceb6d8fa8d
A: If that does not help, make sure you have the latest Microsoft Visual C++. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...67&postcount=8
A: Make sure you are using the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Q: When panning my view, sometimes I see graphics stutter. What do I do?
A: Please make sure you are running in Full Screen mode from the Options, System tab.

Q: I tried to download a mission, but what do I do with the zip file?
A: Mission files are distributed as .miz, but technically they are zip archives. We have seen reports of Internet Explorer automatically renaming these files into .zip such that if you download Mission_X_by_Y.miz, it gets saved to your computer as Mission_X_by_Y.zip. The solution is to either re-download with an other browser, or manually rename the file back to Mission_X_by_Y.miz. You can then save it to the Missions folder in your DCS install folder, or the DCS SavedGames folder (C:\Users\XXXX\Saved Games\DCS Warthog).
NOTE: Downloads for multiple missions may still be distributed as .zip or .rar. You can see this on the download link at the file exchange; if the file ends with .zip or .rar there, you will probably find the .miz files inside.

Q: My Saitek rudder toebrakes seem to be stuck half-way through their movement.
A: You can try the following solution:
1) Unplug your pedals
2) Open the registry editor
3) Find the key VID _06A3&PID_0763, search for it or look under
Note that key path may vary, if you can't find it, try a search.
4) Delete that key
5) Plug pedals back in and depress them fully a couple of times
6) Your pedals should now be working properly.
Please note that this is a system-wide change and making mistakes in the registry can negatively affect your system. Any manual registry edits are at your own risk and ED can assume no liability for any damages. This fix is included for those that are comfortable with registry editing.


Q: Why are my controls too sensitive?
A: The default axis settings for the stick and be a bit touchy for some. If you feel this is the case or you. we suggest:
1- Select Options from Main Menu
2- Select Controls tab
3- From Category drop down list, select Axis Commands
4- Select Pitch for JOY Y and then press Axis Tune button
5- Set JOY Y Deadzone to 10 and Curvature to 30
6- Press Ok button
4- Select Roll for JOY X and then press Axis Tune button
5- Set JOY X Deadzone to 10 and Curvature to 30
6- Press Ok button
7- Press Ok button at bottom of screen to save changes.

Q: Why do some tracks replays play back incorrectly?
A: This may result when playing a track on a 32 bit OS system if the track was recorded on a 64 bit OS system.

Q: I can't start the engines / move the throttle:
A: When in Rampstart, the throttles are fixed in OFF position. In real life you have to lift a single throttle up and move it forward in idle position to start the corresponding engine. You can also start the left engine by pressing Right ALT + HOME and right engine by pressing Right CTRL + HOME.

In game, unless you own a TM Warthog, you have to start the engine with keyboard-commands. Once this key-combination has moved the throttle from OFF position, it will work normally.

If you start on the runway or in the air, the engines are already running. As a logical consequence, you can move the throttles with your throttle immediately.

Q: FAN RPM % does not exceed 82%. Is something wrong with my throttle?
A: No. The engine is designed to operate at optimum performance, which is 82% FAN RPM. Also note, that there is a difference between Core RPM and FAN RPM.

Q: I've mapped my Saitek rudders to toe brakes. Now it seems brakes are still on, when I want to taxi.
A: Try inversing axis-settings through the axis tune dialog.

Q: I've mapped all axis in the options, but in game they don't respond.
A: If you play in simulation mode, you will have to map Options under A-10C SIM-mode.

Q: Why are my NAV lights not working?
A: They work, you need to set the pinkie switch to the aft position (LCtrl+P) on the left side of the throttle.

Q: Why can't I trim the plane?
A: Disable Force Feedback in the options screen, under the Misc tab. In addition, TH Warthog owners note that by default the Trim switch is mapped to Views. To change, navigate to your controls tab and remap the Trim switch.

Q: Why can't I steer while taxiing?
A: Ensure nose-wheel steering is enabled by pressing the NWS switch on the HOTAS (default key: Insert).

Q: Why won't the aircraft steer towards the active steerpoint when I engage the autopilot?
A: The A-10C autopilot only maintains altitude and/or heading or an attitude and does not steer towards waypoints, steerpoints, nor any other point of interest.

Q: Why doesn't the "\" key bring up the communication window? It's properly mapped in game!
A: The "\" key only brings up the comm menu when the "Easy Communication" option is checked in your Gameplay settings. Otherwise, you will need to properly configure your radio AND use the correct mic switch to bring up the comm menu.

Q: How can I switch on the Night Vision Goggles (NVG)?
A: Use the keycommands:

Toggle Goggles: H + RShift
Goggles Gain Up: H + RShift + RCtrl
Googles Gain Down: H + RShift + RAlt

Q: Why are my Laser-Guided Bombs missing?
A: The AUTO LS (automatic laser) function of the laser-guided bombs profiles in the DSMS is off by default. This means you have to lase the target manually by holding down the HOTAS Pinky Button. You can enable automatic laser operation in the profile of the weapon. To do this, open the profile settings page for your laser-guided bombs in the DSMS, set AUTO LS to ON and set a desired value for LS TIME (such as 10 seconds). Note, LS TIME determines the time in seconds before bomb impact for the laser to fire automatically.

Q: Why do I sometimes get a CCIP INVALID message?
A: In order for the IFFCC to compute a CCIP solution, it must know the elevation under the CCIP pipper (gun, rocket, bomb, etc.). This can either be a HOT elevation based on the Steerpoint elevation, or DTS elevation stored in the digital map database system. If not in DTS and the steerpoint is at a higher elevation than the CCIP pipper, you will get a CCIP INVALID message. Unless you have a DTS failure, you should always use DTS, as indicated on the HUD in the data block. If you do not see DTS, press the DATA rocker on the UFC and then the SEL rocker until DTS appears.

Q: I am not getting data link information when in single player, why?
A: Make sure you have your NetID on the TAD page set to 0101.

Q: Why is the flight path ladder on my HUD tilted to the side even though I am in level flight?
Q: Why am I unable to arm the EAC?
A: Ensure that you have selected EGI on the Navigation Mode panel below the HSI. This selects the CDU as the navigation data source. From version the plane defaults to using HARS on ramp start. See page 117 in the Flight Manual for details.

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