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Default Patch 1.2.1 for "LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2"

1.2.1 FC2 patch development is finished. This patch includes a number of critical updates to improve the stability of the simulation. Many uncovered errors were corrected and some enhancements were added.

For a more complete list of changes and improvements, please refer to the ReadMe1.2.1 file.

You may download the patch from our server.

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Only 100 mb ^^.
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First! Awesome thanks you very much!

Remember, always is safer to uninstall all mods prior to install a patch!


The Fighter Collection, Eagle Dynamics (c) 2010. All rights reserved.

News and updates available on the following links:



Version 1.2.1 is not multiplayer compatible with the original release version 1.2.

Track (flight recordings) recorded in the original release version 1.2 will play back incorrectly in version 1.2.1.



The patch must be installed over a clean original release version without third-party modifications.

Locate the downloaded patch file on your disc and double-click to begin the installation process. Follow the prompts.

Installation on Microsoft® Windows® Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems requires system administrator access.



+ Corrected the 1st LOD model of the Su-25. Added missing damage model parts
+ Fixed the errors in the mission “Su-25 – Route”
+ Fixed AI logic for route navigation after conducting an attack
+ Fixed the AI aircraft parking errors in Sochi/Adler airport
+ The F-15 will no longer have the capability to identify friend or foe for a target masked in ECM
+ Aircraft will have the capability to refuel inside hangars
+ Fixed the error in the A-10 campaign structure
+ Fixed documentation errors
+ Reduced the turn rate of the F-15 below 0.4M
+ Fixed numerous errors in the encyclopedia
+ Fixed errors in the radio commands menu
+ Fixed the auto-start, installation and uninstallation functions
+ Increased the draw distance of foreground ground textures
+ The PgUp key will now function correctly during a cold start in an Su-25
+ Throttle input increments on the Su-25/T using the PgUp/PgDn keys have been made more even
+ Tuned the Z-axis for TrackIR
+ Fixed the input commands after opening the coalition chat window. RCtrl will no longer stick
+ The Su-25 skin names will no longer be duplicates
+ Added smoke rockets to the A-10 “AFAC” task payload
+ Fixed the error with the target zone setting when the target zone radius is entered before the zone is placed on the map
+ Numerous enhancements for increased multiplayer game stability
+ Fixed the score count in multiplayer in cases of multiple hits on a target
+ Simultaneous running of DCS: Black Shark and Flaming Cliffs 2 on one PC is now possible
+ The LoGetWorldObjects function will now return correct names “.Name”, “.UnitName” and “.GroupName”
+ Neutral airbases will no longer report air traffic without contact
+ ATC will no longer be stuck on the phrase “Unable to clear for take-off” when a ground unit is present on the runway
+ Fixed the logbook error not counting the completion of a first campaign mission
+ Fixed Russian localization errors
+ Fixed the crash when pressing the Start button in the Training menu
+ Increased the WP smoke marker burn time
+ Fixed the error in fighter aircraft AI target detection logic due to incorrect radar range calculations regardless of target aspect
+ Fixed the error causing incorrect track playback after significant time compression is used
+ Added default tasking to air groups based on aircraft type
+ NAVY helicopters landing at Russian ships.
+ Was removed a first wide FOV from Su-25T Shkval which caused noticable frame rate drop. Now Shkval has a two FOV like a real prototype.
+ Subtitles of player and AI radio can turn off with corresponding option.
+ Fixed numerous other insignificant errors



To prevent cheating by exploiting altered visibility range settings in the graphics.cfg file, the the \Config\ServerGraphics.cfg has been created. Some parameters of graphics.cfg are exported to this file, which is included in the file integrity check system for online play. If the file contents on the client machine differ from the host’s, the client will not be able to connect.



+ Fixed an error in the F-15 polar curves that had caused a reduction in time required to achieve sustained turn rate at reduced speeds.
+ For the A-10 and F-15, added automatic flaps extension/retraction based on indicated airspeed when the flaps are set in the “down” position in the cockpit.
+ For the Su-27 and Su-33, adjusted the flaperon mechanization logic (the indicator will blink while the flaperon is adjusting depression angles – this is not a bug).
+ MiG-29 flaps will move with the wind force.



Increased the error probability for radar-guided missiles (ARH, SARH, radio-command guided) based on altitude above ground. Currently the error probability increases from 300 meters to 0. Maximum error probability is at ground level for a target with minimum radial velocity. Error probability is reduced as radial velocity increases to 500 km/h. Above 500 km/h, error probability is minimal regardless of altitude.



For proper functionality, TrackIR software needs to be update via the “Check for Game Updates” command in the TrackIR software.



Q: Upon mission start, the game does no respond to commands and does no unpause. Some buttons do not work, I am unable to save and restore a control profile.

A: Most likely your system has either PuntoSwitcher or NewView software installed. Add the simulation executables (launcher.exe and simulator.exe) to PuntoSwitcher exceptions or stop the program while running the game. For NewView, you will need to rename the working NewView folder prior to starting Flaming Cliffs 2.

PD: oh no, second XD

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For those who bought the russian version I've found the link for you:

There are two patches, the first one is for 1C disc version and the second one is for the download version from ED website (the one you probably have)
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Thanks ED, Downloading!!!!

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Thanks ED.

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Default Patch...? Just Wondering

The patch is titled 1.2.1 but the simulation is v2.0! Shouldn't the patch be v2.01 or 2.1?

Or was Flaming Cliffs 2 really 1.2? Uninformed minds would like to know.

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It's a logic bomb for you.

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