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Arne Anka
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Arrow *** Official ED Campaign Creation Competition ***

Originally Posted by Wags
Given the release of 1.0.1 today, all submissions will need to be made by November 10th.

Good luck to all participants!
Originally Posted by Wags
Dear Arne Anaka,

We’ve discussed this internally and we’ve decided to directly support this effort. We agree that this could be a win-win for both this community and Eagle. Black Shark campaigns would have be based on 1.0.1 to take advantage of new ME functions and they would need to consist of at least 5 stages with at least 3 missions per stage (minimum of 15 individual missions). This would have to include not just design, but complete development and debugging.

We will have a competition for both a single player campaigns and a multi-player campaigns (using multiplayer campaign functionality introduced in 1.0.1).

We will judge the campaigns based on a combination of a community poll and an Eagle evaluation. Things like localization, briefings, game play, scripting, and balance of fun/realism will all be factored.
  • 1st prize will be $100 and copies of both DCS: A-10C Warthog (when available) and available printed manuals, along with TFC polo shirt and hat.
  • 2nd prize will be $50 will be a copy of DCS: A-10C Warthog when available and printed manuals.
  • 3rd prize will be $25 and a copy of DCS: A-10C Warthog when available.
If more than one individual is involved in creating a campaign, up to four members of the team will be provided prizes and the monetary prize will be split among team members.

The campaign building phase will last three months after the release of 1.0.1 (for example: it took me three months to create the 104 mission GOW campaign when not working on my normal job duties). After those three months have expired, there will be a two week judging period.

Please use the following forum for your campaign development discussions: http://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=87

For those interested in taking part, I would suggest working on your "paper design" and briefings while waiting for 1.0.1 to be released.

The winners would have their campaigns available directly from the Eagle web site, assuming there is no offensive material.

No promises, but if we identify a very talented mission/campaign designer, there may be a slot for such an individual on the DCS: A-10C Warthog beta team.

Matt Wagner
Producer, TFC/Eagle Dynamics

First of all, DCS BS is an awesome game, all creds to ED.

Awaiting the A-10 and the patch, I would like to make a suggestion.

What about having a Campaign creation competition? Everyone can participate, and the task is simple; create the best campaign under some preset rules/conditions, and the winner (top 3) wins a prize. The exact rules of the competition would of course have to be set by ED, here are som suggestions though:

Rules and conditions:
First, the preset conditions, where the number of mission should be set (5?), the overall difficulty (Medium?), number of AI vehicles (to make it playable on most systems) and so on. Mission should be for Single Player.

The campaign is evaluated in three "parts" that are equally important:

How well does it play? Any hick-ups? Is it any fun at all?

How well does the AI work? Is there any strange things happening, vehicles driving into each other, traffic jams etc. Also, can you fly over enemies without them engaging you and so on.

How well does the creator capture the "right feeling" with a nice briefing/background information/radio traffic and so on.

You could also instate a fourth part, Realism, but then, who are we to judge this?

The winner would be appointed here on the forum by a vote. Of course this will be very arbitrary and subjective, but on the other hand, the same rules applies for all. To prevent people from cheating (for example registering many nicks to be able to vote many times), the prize(s) should be very... humble (who would go through a lot of fuzz just to win a 40 $ prize?).

Prizes (suggestion):
1:st prize: A copy of the A-10, and the hardback of the Flight manual for both the A-10 and the KA-50.
2:nd prize: A copy of the A-10.
3:rd prize: A copy of the Flight manual for either the A-10 or the BS.

If there is many campaigns participating, well, it will be up to the Campaign creator to promote his own campaign, with briefings/pictures from the campaign here on the forum. Perhaps not all campaigns will be flown in the competition, but if we could get some disc space from ED, well, they would have several downloadable campaigns for those who are interested for the future.

I'm sure my idea has many problems, that needs to be solved, but I think this could improve the interest for the game, since playing your own missions feels like... cheating, since you know it all. I also think it is a cheap way for ED to increase the life-length of the BS, meaning that there will not be ten posts every week on "When will the A-10 ber released?"

So, I'm up for a fight in Mission Editor/Campaign Builder. Are you?
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Great idea mate - I think this is something the community could do tho, and it sounds like you just volunteered to organise!
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Great idea - it´s up to ED if they will motivate people to make good missions.
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An alternate suggestion - have a competition - not for the best campaign, but for the best idea - background, number of stages, branch directions, general location of each stage, rosters of available units for the stages - the broad outlines and restrictions around unit numbers etc, then having chosen a winner, all who want to can submit missions within the parameters given by the campaign design winner - that way a campaign with a large number of missions & mission styles (but that remains cohesive) could be put together with a variety of levels of contribution... If people wanted to contribute 1 or more mission for every stage they could, but if they only had time to do a single mission they could do that too..
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question becomes, is this campaign for the A-10C or the KA-50?

great idea though..
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Sounds like a great idea!

Perhaps open up a sub-forum where you have to be given permission (i.e. apply) to start a thread - then each contribution would have it's own thread where the poster would have the first post to add pictures and descriptions and what not. Of course everybody is allowed to post and discuss within those threads.

Just my $.2
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It's a great idea and great promotion for ED imho!

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Nice idea, Anre Anka.

But I doubt you will find many volunteers for that as long as the placing of units is as it is now in the ME, only pain. I for myself have a job and a real life, and my maximum sparetime is in average 30minutes per day, and I won´t spent these few minutes getting angry about digital units that don´t want to be placed where I would like them to be placed.

As soon the ME has become somewhat efficient, and you don´t spent hours and hours just starting game, klicking through units, end game, move units, repeat again, to find out, that you better use the other area for your idea... ... then I think we will see more and more missions.
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Could be interesting. Multiple people oughta be able to contribute to the overall campaign.

Suggestion for a prize...
The winning campaigns get patched into the game/ officially hosted by ED. This way user work will be recognized, ED would officially add to the games campaigns, and myabe some player might get the bright idea "that if these other guys are getting their stuff shown off by the developer, maybe I can too!" and prompt more people to make missions.

Plus it would be nice to get something to rally the troops so to speak and get everyone excited about the results. It wouldn't hurt to expand this whole contest idea and have separate ones for textures and other creative enhancements players can make.
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Arne Anka
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Hello all, and thanks for the feedback, the thread was dead for awhile, so I thought the idea was really crappy ...

@ th3flyboy
Initially, my suggestion would be to make the campaign for the Black Shark, but on the other hand, if it is a success, why not do a new competition for the A-10 (or both?)

I agree that there are some problems with the ME. Hopefully, some of these will be fixed for the patch. This gives us a really good starting point for the competition; the release date of the patch. This for two reasons; first, because of the fixing, and also, since perhaps changes probably will be made, even though they are small, this puts all contestants more on the same level. This also will in a fast manner test the ME, so that any new bugs quickly will come to the attention of ED.

BUT, and this is an important thing; if you are good in ME, which the winner should be (he should be the best ;-) ), then he/she will have learnt the tricks to do make missions fun, realistic and interesting, despite the hick-ups...

Since I also have a fulltime job, and a 9 month old daugther that tries to get my attention, I would suggest that the competition would have to go on for awhile, perhaps two months.

It would be interesting to hear an opinion from one on ED or the community manager. Anyone?
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