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Originally Posted by Wags View Post
For DCS: A-10C Warthog, we'll be instead be using a highly detailed KC-135.
Now that is cool too And I guess it is the better choice, being the primary in-theater tactical tanker of the USAF and also used by Turkey and France. Still the DC-10 holds a special place in my heart...
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Originally Posted by RMAchucaA View Post
The technology is here and now , maybe the lighting\shadows maynot be so precise\sharp, but the overall look is VERY attainable with todays tech, i know about this .

Anyways, i mainly wanted to comment on how great it looks .

Oh you are right, it gets very close these days, I was coming from the fact that these renders use proper global illumination and this is still some time off in real time. Some of the subtleties in these shots can easily be faked (ambient occlusion specular maps, low res image based lighting and environment mapping go a long way in that respect) but it will always feel not _quite_ right.
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very good.
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holy smokes, they are some impressive models. Check out their gallery, the tanks look amazing. When oh when will games/sims look that good?
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Just incredible....
My MAKS 2015 Pictures
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Thumbs up

beautiful work
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New screens of flyable C-17A for FSX available now @

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Alphasim's is not out yet, only preview screenshots
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C-17 interior WIP

Не критикуй! Если можешь, сделай лучше! Главная ошибка любой программы в том, что она вообще была написана.
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летаю на заказ, дорого...
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