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Exclamation [NEW MOD] Windows - Dust and Scratches

Hi all!

I've made a new cockpit reflection mod for the KA-50.

The mod does not cause a performance hit since the texture is the "same" as the orginal.
The mod is best used with Textures set to High in options.

Download HERE for the ModMan install

Hope you like it!


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Frakin' Toasters
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Oh my god i love it!! This is the kind of detail i adore in my immersive games, thankyou so much!

It's a real shame you don't get bullet holes in the glass when shot at eh.
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I like it!
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Thumbs up

Ur an artist...are u planning other areas of wear an tear?
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looks great, I been staying away from the mods so far, (no offense modders, im just happy with the original version, if it aint broke, dont fix it), but this is very tempting...........it looks great. Good job.
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Looks good, but it’s too dirty for my taste. I hate seeing anything interfering with my visuals. The only thing missing are bugs squashed against the windshield, lol. I would be tempted to install it if the wiper would be actually functional. On that note, is there any windshield washer on a Ka-50?
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Glad you like it!

@ The Moose I could make a less "dirty" window if you like? I think a completely clean crisp window is unrealistic unless you are flying a helicopter right of the factory line (and not right of the frontline).

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Just grow Cataracts

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hehe, throw some sand in your eyes and blink a few times and you'll have the scratches too...

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