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Default [REPORTED] NAV or AG modes stops AIR Attack Radar range and elevation changes

Problem: In NAV or AG master mode having a WPDSG while using the AIR submode of the Attack Radar page prevents you from changing the range scale and antenna elevation. I assume this occurs because the jet is trying to set the automatic range and antenna elevation for the AG radar to focus on the designated point but isn't checking the submode is actually SURF.

To Reproduce:

1. Be in NAV or AG master mode

2. WPDSG a waypoint

3. Bring up ATTACK RADAR in AIR mode

4. Can't change elevation or range

DCS Version:


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File Type: trk FA-18C Designation AA Radar Bug.trk (81.6 KB, 16 views)

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This issue seems to be related to my assessment in this message.
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Same for me.
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