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Project Dynamism
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Exclamation [TESTERS WANTED] Project Dynamism - persistence and dynamic content framework

Hello all,

I would like to introduce "Project Dynamism", a persistence and dynamic content creation framework for DCS World.

My aim is to provide a dynamic and persisting environment that allows for better immersion and a feeling of progression in DCS World campaigns and replayed single missions.
This is achieved by recreating previously inflicted battle damage to scenery, static objects and AI units at mission start. At mission end all additional damage is recorded.

Project Dynamism is developed with focus on user-friendliness and feature-richness at minimal impact:
  • integrated into DCS World as module with own campaign and mission section
  • automatic check and renewal of the integration, e.g. after DCS update
  • controllable via F10 radio menu
  • minimum effort for mission creators to use (via naming convention, no triggers)
  • ease to port existing missions and campaigns to use the persistence features
  • minimal installation and integration overhead

Typical use cases are:
  • Create a single mission that is replayed until attrition of the enemy.
  • Create a series of training missions that accumulate the damage and destruction at the shooting ground.
  • Create a campaign that simulates weakening of the enemie's shield of SAM sites and final breakthrough to the valuable target.
  • Create a campaign that accurately tracks attrition of air, ground and sea forces be they friendly or foe.
  • Create a campaign with resource restrictions by persisting the destruction of warehouses, fuel storages and parked airplanes.
  • Create a campaign that simulates the effect of destroyed infrastructure like bridges, FARPs and supply points.

Inspired by DCS Witchcraft and the Dynamic Campaign Engine this project tries to push the boundaries even farther. The long-term target is to develop "Project Dynamism" into a full dynamic campaign environment. Running independently from DCS as a browser app it automatically creates missions for the user into which content is spawned dynamically. In view of the RTS dynamic campaign under development by Eagle Dynamics this project instead will focus on turn-based elements (e.g. alternating planning and execution stages) and casual gamers with limited time to play.

Currently this is a single-person project running next to a full-time job and small familiy. It started half a year ago. So keep your expectations at bay. This is also the reason why I am planning to ask for funding via donations or for advanced features. The base version will remain for free.

The money will be used to fund additional DCS maps and DCS modules if needed for development, pay local students who can spend more time in coding, and keeping the server running. In the end DCS and its community shall benefit due to the reinvestment of the money into DCS products and publishing parts of the software as open-source.

Enougth talking and dreaming, I would like to invite YOU to test the current version of "Project Dynamism". Please give constructive feedback about its current state, bugs and problems found as well as the future plans meantioned above. Download link, installation instructions and how-to-use can be found in the post below.

Happy flying!

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Project Dynamism
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Exclamation Download and Instructions


  1. Extract the content of the zip archive to a folder of your choice (preferably one that needs no admin permission for creating files inside).
  2. Start the application by double-clicking "Dynamism.DCS.Connector.exe". If asked download and install the required NET Framework 4.5 from the official website.
  3. Please acknowledge the license agreement. The "Settings" tab should now be visible.
  4. Provide a unique username, password and email and click "Sign In". The button shall turn green.
  5. Integrate into your DCS World installation by picking the DCS World user data folder. The button shall turn green.
  6. In case the button next to DCS communication channel remains red, there is another process already occupying it. Please set another HTTP port.

  1. Switch to the "Missions" tab and download the campaigns, single or multiplayer missions of interest. Give the "Download" button time to turn green (UI is frozen until).
  2. Start DCS World, you can minimize (to system tray) the application. Do not close it!
  3. DCS World's main screen shall show the Dynamism module's icon and the downloaded missions shall be listed in the respective DCS World section (missions/campaigns) under the Dynamism module.
  4. Have fun playing the provided content or create your own one!

  • In order to use Project Dynamism in your own mission you will only need to follow a file naming convention:
    "Dyn - <campaign_id> - <mission_number><mission_type>.miz"
  • The campaign_id can be anything. It is used to identify missions that belong to a series. So make sure it is unique and the same for all.
    It is allowed to contain special characters including the dash "-"
  • Set mission_number to 1 except for a series of consecutive missions which should be numbered sequentially.
    The hundreds of mission_number are interpreted as stage
    e.g. mission_number 205 is the 5th mission in stage 2
  • Set mission_type to one of the following:
    'a' accumulative (incl. current mission)
    -> battle damage is accumulated, e.g. over several replays of same mission

    'i' incremental (excl. current mission)
    -> battle damage of previous mission in sequence is restored, no accumulation over several replays of same mission, only damage of last play of a mission is persisted

    'sa' staged accumulative (excl. previous stages, incl. current mission)
    -> same as accumulative but limited to scope of one stage

    'si' staged incremental (excl. previous stages, excl. current mission)
    -> same as incremental but limited to scope of one stage
  • If mission_type is omitted then 'a' is assumed. If mission_number is omitted then 1 is assumed.
    Hence the following mission file names are all valid and will trigger Project Dynamism to record the battle damages. Only the "Dyn -" prefix is mandatory:
                                            <campaign_id>         <m_number>    <m_type>
    "Dyn - FC3 - Su25_Tester.miz"        -> 'FC3 - Su25_Tester'   1             'a'
    "Dyn - Dynamism.miz"                 -> 'Dynamism'            1             'a'
    "Dyn - FC3 - Su25_Tester - 201si"    -> 'FC3 - Su25_Tester'   201           'si'
    "Dyn - Réunion & Liberté - 6"        -> 'Réunion & Liberté'   6             'a'
  • Alternatively a *.lua file can be placed next to the *.miz file to overwrite the parameters.
    Make sure the file names are identical. This allows for advanced features like reserves:
    "Dyn - FC3 - Su33_RussoGeorgian_09Aug_PotiSead.lua"
    "Dyn - FC3 - Su33_RussoGeorgian_09Aug_PotiSead.miz"
    The *.lua file might have the following content (all entries optional):
    dynamism.campaign_id = 'RussoGeorgian'
    dynamism.mission_no = 2
    dynamism.persistence_type = 'i'
    dynamism.reserves['C-101 #01'] = 'C-101 #05,C-101 #06,C-101 #07,C-101 #08,C-101 #09'
    dynamism.reserves['Patrol #1,Patrol #2'] = 'Patrol #3,Patrol #4'
  • Reserves will replace destroyed primary units/objects. Depletion of reserves is persisted.
    If static objects or units shall act as reserves they must be declared in the *.lua file next to the *.miz file.
    The reserves can themselves be units or static objects or just virtual (not existing in mission).
    Add one or multiple lines that conform to (see example above):
    dynamism.reserves['<primary_unit_names>'] = '<reserve_unit_names>'


For easy deactivation and later re-activation the Dynamism mod can be disabled from within the DCS World module manager.
Permanent removal will require the following steps:
  1. Delete the unzipped application folder of "Dynamism.DCS.Connector.exe" or simply do not start the application as it will automatically re-integrate into DCS World.
  2. Go to DCS World user data folder (typically C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS) and delete:
    • the "Dynamism" folder inside the "Mods\tech" subfolder
    • the "DynamismHooks.lua" from the "Scripts\Hooks" subfolder

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Project Dynamism
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Default Reserved


Please feel encouraged to share your missions and campaigns.
They can easily be included into the library and be downloaded by fellow DCS players through Dynamism Connector or the DCS User Files.

To do so, the following steps are necessary:
  1. Package the Project Dynamism mission or campaign into a simple flat ZIP file
    - no folder hierarchy
    - preferably just the MIZ file for single or multiplayer
    - preferably just the CMP file, MIZ files and accompanying image files for campaigns

  2. Upload your ZIP file on the DCS User Files
    - https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/

  3. From within the "My files" section copy the download link
    - it should look like https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/iblock/fb5/Ground%20Attrition%20-%20Snowplow.zip
    - Note that the download link changes every time an edit is made and needs to be updated in the library!

  4. Post an email to project.dynamism[-at-]outlook.com specifying the following items
    - type (single, campaign, multiplayer)
    - name (brief)
    - description (brief)
    - author (your attribution)
    - modules (needed map, plane modules, mods, etc.)
    - download link (from DCS user files, as above)
    - image (landscape 273x130 pixel PNG)


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Hunter Joker
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Hi, ED is not working to a specifico WWII dynamic campaign so pls add support to WWII if possible.

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thank you.
a how can i deinstall?
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Is there a way to edit or get to work with multiplayer online coop ? Does this support it ?
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Thumbs up

Thank you for this tool. We needed such thing for a long time. So far I have only tried it in singleplayer and it works nice !

Will be a really cool addition to DCS in conjuntion with tigair's SKYNED IADS script


as you could now implement a full IADS in the first mission of the campaign which would then get degraded more and more throughout the campaign when key components would get destroyed
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Hi, I get a crash when trying to download a campaign without specifying an install directory. I know it's stupid, and should not happen "in real life", but a simple error message would be better.

I also got this error at mission start :



At the end of the mission, I also get an error message.

EDIT : My bad ! I did something wrong and now it works ! Thanks a lot !

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Project Dynamism
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Hi all, thanks for your interest and feedback.

@Hunter Joker
Interesting. I was at the impression ED is focusing on WWII first. Project Dynamism at the moment should work equaly well for WWII era. I just can't test much as I do not own any planes nor the asset pack and map(s).
This project will rather be geared towards single-player, sporadic play, and limited duration sessions than simulating a full scale war in real-time within DCS World.

Added deinstallation instructions to the second post (see above).

Thanks for discovering. I will add the issues to the project backlog for fixing it in the next version.

Was just reading about the SKYNED IADS script a couple of days ago. Indeed interesting.
Will try to make a Dynamism demo mission/campaign that uses it. Any suggestion for the player's airframe? I only own FC3, A-10C and Mig-21.

@Shrike88 and Spearzone:
I am a singleplayer guy. No experience what is needed for multiplayer and running it on a server.
The two demo campaigns "Snowplow" and "Hailstorm" define playable aircraft via client slots. Guess you tested and thats not enough for multiplayer?
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Malwarebytes and Norton Internet Security reports this is a virus. Do you want to take a look at this ?

From VirusTotal


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