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Default F-5E - AA/AG Weapon Expansion - V1.0

F-5E - AA/AG Weapon Expansion - V1.0

This mod comprehends a variety of fully functional weapons: Russian GP/Cluster bombs and rocket pods along with R-73, Magic R.550AA, AIM-9M/L/X IR missiles.

- DOES NOT PASS integrity check!
- JSGME compatible


I created this simple mod in the hope of seeing it used by content creators in SP missions and Campaign (and of course MP/COOP if IC is not required) where the F-5E is operated by a RedFor Faction that converted the F-5E to use Russian/captured equipment due to difficulties in obtaining western equipment (i.e. IRIAF).

I accept request in adding new weapons, but keep in mind that some might not work at all (R-3 family, R-60, Anti-radiation missiles, AGM-65 family and more), or partially work and/or with visual bugs (Russian multi bomb racks correctly drops all bombs, but visually (and only visually) one bomb is permanently visible on the rack).


Full list of added weapons:


-- R-73
-- Magic R.550
-- AIM-9M
-- AIM-9L
-- AIM-9X


-- FAB-1500 M54 (Centerline Pylon only)
-- FAB-500 M62
-- BetAB-500
-- FAB-250
-- RBK-250 PTAB-2.5M
-- RBK-500 PTAB-1M
-- RBK-500-255 PTAB-10-5


-- B-8M1 - 20 S-8KOM HEAT
-- B-8M1 - 20 S-8OFP2 HEF
-- B-13L - 5 S-13 OF APAM/FRAG
-- S-24B HEF
-- S-25 OFM HEF
-- LAU-10 - 4 ZUNI MK 71 HEF

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F-5 love. Nice
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