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Default [REPORTED] SEQ doesn't work

If you come from another page than the "main" page of the DED.

The SEQ button doesn't cycle trough the pages

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Not gonna download the track but if you're referring to the CMDS, the chaff and flare needs to have non-zero values for bingo to be able to sequence to the programming pages.
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It seems to be working in your track and for me, can you maybe describe the problem more, maybe I am misunderstanding the issue.
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Did you watch all the track ?

I just rewatch my track, it's doesn't work. You have to watch from the 3rd attempt. In the first and the second attempt i show you the working way from the 3rd it doesn't work. After selecting the COM 2 page


From the DED main page, clic COM2 (for example)
Clic list
Clic enter to enter the DL page (or any other page)

Clic SEQ, the page doesn't change.

Return to the main page
Clic list
Clic enter to enter the DL page (or any other page)
Clic SEQ, the page change.

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Mine did not work at first either after putting both 20 CH and 20 FL for bingo values on the ground. Figured it was broken somehow, so did not bother, then later in flight, I tried making both values zero, then SEQ and then it did work, also when I put the bingo values back to 20 it kept on working.
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If you start from "Default" (RET?) DED page, click LIST, then 7 CMDS (as an example), then SEQ...it will work and cycles through CMDS pages.

If while in the CMDS page you back out by clicking LIST, then return to any of the sub menus, say 7 CMDS again...SEQ will not work to cycle through the pages. Nor does it work on any other sub menu page using this method.

You must back out to the default DED page by hitting RET, then back in through LIST for SEQ to function properly.

Track attached demonstrating only this.
Attached Files
File Type: trk F16DEDSEQFail.trk (46.8 KB, 89 views)
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Yes same behaviour than me but better explained
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I am experiencing the same behavior.
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SonofEil has it right. It is intermittent depending upon how you approach the page.
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I've been having the same problem, will give the workaround a go tonight.
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