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Originally Posted by Esper View Post
While I understand he might have crossed a line, going full bananas like that on the guy is just overkill.

As for the F22/35 thing, who wouldn't want a peek? I know I wouldn't report finding the manuals and keep them if I found one on the ground.
No, it's not overkilling, it's how the law works in the U.S. The F-16C documentation was already publicized on the internet which does not make sense as to why the developer was trying to already get manuals on the aircraft, and the F-22/F-35 are both 5th generation aircraft that are classified. Imagine a foreigner that is an adversary of yours not in the best of political terms trying to obtain those manuals. Makes sense to me as to why it would be taken not-so-lightly.

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The manuals contained "concise and clear instructions" for operating and maintaining F-16s, the affidavit said.
i found this funny as hell though
like who could have guessed

always good to see our dear journos working their blessed butts off searching for those scary sound bites
hahaha hey look at me i surely know more about aviation and coding than actual industry professionals hired for their competency because i have read jalopnik and wikipedia i bet theyve never even heard of google LOL

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did the post heading get changed to say " Former"
Question is - was he still part of ED back then?

He was charged in a sealed indictment June 15, 2016,

PC simulator news site.
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I feel sorry for him and want to believe he had no evil intentions, just curiosity getting the best of him. However, it should not be taken lightly. We have to remember that we are simulating real weapons of war that can be used to do bad things and get people killed.

I have always been curious as to how ED can simulate aircraft and weapons still in use and where the fine line is that they can't cross. Rule 1.16 states no referencing of documents later than 1980. It makes we wonder why ED is even simulating 4th gen aircraft if we can't even really discuss or learn about what we are simulating without fear of doing something illegal or endangering someone's life. It would have been best if DCS just simulated pre-1980 aircraft.

This whole mess in addition to rule 1.16 kind of makes me uncomfortable about DCS right now.

I look forward to ED's response about all of this.
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Originally Posted by Darkwolf View Post
Question is - was he still part of ED back then?

He was on the ED team as recently as last year
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so its ITAR wow that's serious as the owner and publisher of military magazines, who was brought into dcs world for a review point of view this is very serious indeed
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Originally Posted by (504)Blade View Post
sucks to be in the EU
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I'm pretty sure they are legally covered for using F18 and F16 data.
I don't think ED moves buying manuals from eBay, much more like they move to have agreements with companies/govts.

Considering the Boeing partnership I don't think Boeing itself would like to be being involved in ITAR things.
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It's the world we live in. It's sad.

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