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Default Mi-8 "Goodies Pack"


I have been working in different things at a time, most of them for the Mi-8, so that is why I name this post "Goodies Pack" as all is about this excellent module and helps me also to track any feedback in a single post. ( Looks like finally, I am a lazy guy...) :]

Here are these "Goodies":

Mi-8 Full RoughMetal Patch

1. Mayor one (I guess) is a RoughMetal (PBR) shader workflow implementation for most of the textures of the Mi-8 including rotor blades, wheels, B8V20, UPK, and GUV pods. The rest of the standard Mi-8 Textures have been updated with custom Rough, Metal and AO Maps also. Special mention to the AO map which will not show dark patches in the place of armor parts for any livery any more, and wheels that will not be weirdly metal looking.

If this patch is installed, it will change the look of ALL the liveries of the Mi-8 that do not have custom Rough/Metal maps, implementing a "default" Rough/Metal shader. Until the date, no liveries have them except the ones in this post...

This is necessary because so far there are no vanilla textures for the PBR shaders although they are supported by Mi-8, so the only way for DCS to use the "new shaders" is for it to find these _RoughMet textures in the right folder.

I encourage all livery creators to start using this workflow and create their own custom _RoughtMet maps as it can improve really a lot the look of their work.

Hope this is somehow clear, sooner or later DCS will release their own _RoughMet maps so patches like this will not be necessary anymore. At that point probably they will update vanilla liveries and make custom maps for them so some are glossy or matte like they are right now (with old Specular workflow). If you want your liveries to support PBR and you do not like how my maps work on them, (They work much better in "matte" liveries) you can try/mix with those from the "Un-Official RoughMet Patch", create your own... :], or keep using old Specular shaders until ED does something about it. (I also provide in the zip a very basic Gloss and Matte alternative for the maps that can be used if you prefer.)

The maps in the patch just need to be copied inside your DCS directory: Bazar/Word/Textures, I advise using OvGME, installing it as a mod (following Rudel_chw advise) as it might be deleted every time DCS is updated. (As happens to most Mods)


Mi-8 USSR - Afghanistan Liveries Pack

2. Here some "USSR - Afghanistan Liveries". These are the ones that took me more time (as the Rough/Metal patch is done from a simplified, more standardized, maps created for these liveries).

Before any purist of realism and historical precision start making any critic about the chosen colors for these Liveries I want to say that I have checked A LOT of references of this specific camo for the Soviet-Afghan war. Most of the photos are low res black and white pictures and those few that are in color, differ between them, and many others seem to be painted. Color has been chosen by my own criteria even if they might or not be historically accurate. B (Desert) version color just go great with Nevada and Persian Gulf Map... Was not a big deal to tweak the camo layers to another color and re-export the maps as another version, so I did so.

The liveries have their own custom Rough/Metal maps, as soon as "Mi-8 Full RoughMetal Patch" is installed, they will work properly ( should work fine also whenever ED creates their own maps for the Mi-8 )

Special thanks here to NickD for his "UNOFFICIAL - Blender .edm Addon":


Which allowed me to start the really long journey to get a decent version of the Mi-8 3D model inside programs like Blender and 3D-Coat from where I got some nice base Rough, Dust and AO maps. (That I spend ages retouching....)

Thanks to 104th_Fallen and T. Nark for sharing their knowledge about the PBR shader availability for older modules and their work on their patch so far:


And thanks also to SkateZilla for his great PBR workflow documentation:


I would love to do an HD version of the normal maps with some shuttle bumps and stuff but not very confident with that kind of map (and how to edit it efficiently) yet to do any decent job so another thing in my infinite TODO list.


Mi-8 RPK HD reticle and Custom Color Mod

3. This one is more the kind of my "go to" Mod; something small and easy to handle where I can focus easily and gives me a good visual reward.
In the line of the one for the Spitfire, this Mi-8 HD Reticle mod just has double res as the vanilla plus some few weathering/shuttle glow details that make it more appealing. (Working on one for the Huey at the moment.)

Also, the little mod makes it easy to tweak the color of it so anybody can just edit the .lua file easily to get their desired reticle color.


Mi-8 Small Mission Pack

4. Finally, a couple of missions for the Mi-8. Have been working on them for a long time as they started in a really rough stage where I created them to train my landing and strafing skills...

So basically are just that, although both have their little storyline and are crafted with care and have been "tested" by me many many times.


Ohhhh man! That was a lot of bla, bla, bla...

Bottom line... Really hope you like any of the content. Let's keep enjoying the Mi-8 during this long wait for the Mi-24 and beyond !!!

Would love some feedback also if possible. Thanks!

Note: All the files posted here pass the Integrity Check so far

*Download Links Updated to DCS User Files

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great effort thanks!
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Man, this is f**ng HUGE. Just love to see other folks love the auld girl still. Thank you so much for all this. S!
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Thanks a lot @Grajo, very impressive work ... you clearly love the Mi-8.

I'm at the moment fully occupied with learning the Tomcat, in fact the only helo that I've managed to learn is the Blackshark ... hopefully I will sometime soon start to learn the UH-1, as a stepping stone before attempting the Mi-8

I will put a bookmark to this thread, to get back to it when my Mi-8 time does come.

Best regards
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Excellent work, can't wait to try this out.

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Thx man!
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Thank you for your kind words guys. Indeed, tons of hours has gone with these few "Goodies".
It has been a big challenge for me as I did not even know how to edit a .lua file when I started ...

I am really happy to share the "finished" results and even more if some of you enjoy them too .

As you say Rudel_chw, looks like I really love the Mi-8, I guess I do.

Flying most of the modules of DCS give us some nice sense of achievement when we are somehow "competent" with them, but some like the Mi-8 seems to me Special somehow. The Ka-50, I do not know almost anything about it but looks very complex module also. The Huey is a beauty, more "nervous" to fly I would say, even more, "difficult" than the Mi-8 which at the end is quite gentle. Gazelle also no clue jet, flew it a couple of times but still did not learn any of the buttons... I guess badass looking big fat powerful helicopters are more my type :].
Maybe a Mi-26... That would be epic! Although I imagine most of us would be really happy if the Mi-24P (whenever it comes...) is, at least, as well crafted as the Mi-8.
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Thanks Grajo, this is really great stuff!

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Awesome job man! I'm really enjoying the liveries.
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