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Default Just a (very) minor update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to drop in very quickly and update you on the Viggen. Unfortunately we're so stressed with the F-14 rollout that we've done a very poor job of keeping you in the loop despite ongoing work.

We're frustrated that we've missed our final RC patch projection window for the Viggen, but work continues and we hope to get there soonest. Once we nail down our exact list of new features & corrections for the RC1 patch, we'll let you know on exactly what we hope to achieve with this major patch.

Some of the items include longstanding additions like the new soundset and in cockpit-pilot, and others focus more on correcting bugs and errors.

Stay tuned for more info ASAP, and thank you for your patience, with a little more breathing room we'll deliver on the final missing pieces.

Nicholas Dackard

Founder & Lead Artist
Heatblur Simulations

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Thanks for the update Is a full campaign in the list of final missing pieces?
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That's good to know, thanks

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Thanks Cobra.....fully understandable.
I really hope some of the missing key bindings get some love.
Please keep us in the loop. A little post goes a long way.
Cheers and good luck with the coding.

TrubshawRN -=SHREK 94=-
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Thanks for letting us now.

It's understandable that Tomcat is keeping you busy - but nice to hear that Viggen is soon moving forwards too.

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bummer, appreciate the update though.
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Great, thanks for the update. I think that most, if not all, want you to focus on the Tomcat so we can get our dirty hands on it
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Draken AI?

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Thanks for the update Cobra! Can't wait and looking forward to some more Viggen love, I love this plane.

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Texture updates?

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