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Default NOW AVAILABLE: Community A-4E-C Mod

The Community A-4E-C Mod is the culmination of nearly three years of work on behalf of seven driven team members and many vital advisors. We’re proud to present the most comprehensive DCS Mod to date, boasting such capabilities as Air to Ground Radar and Carrier Operations. The A-4 was a cold war workhorse, providing a capable, reliable light attack aircraft to dozens of nations around the world. From the Sinai Desert to the Jungles of Vietnam, the A-4 was a common sight above cold war battlefields.

We thank the community for their support over the years, through good times and bad. This work has been a journey with many faces along the way, and we dedicate it to our friend, mentor and lead coder Eric “Gosapadin” Mudama. His passion and brilliance left a mark on us all, and we are proud to share with you this labor of love which would not have been possible without him.

Download v1.3 HERE:

v1.3 Changelog:
- New carrier catapult mechanic
- New RWR System, complete with originally produced sounds
- Aircraft chocks now available, allowing carrier cold starts
- Enhanced Shrike Usage, with originally produced sounds
- Reworked Internal Lighting
- New Menu Music by Eric Haugen (Thanks!)
- New collision Mesh (Hitbox), aircraft no longer invincible
- Huffer now works on carriers
- Fixed TrackIR issues

Please DO NOT redistribute this mod without permission from our team. Thank you!

Download the Paint Kit HERE:
Paint Kit is in Photoshop CC Format

Created By:
Gospadin (In Memoriam)
Kryb / Archimaede
Dr. Manius

Special Thanks To:
The Original HoggitDev Team

Included Features:
Functional Air to Ground Radar
Shrike Anti-Radiation Missile
Carrier landing and faux Carrier Takeoff
ORIGINAL Menus Theme Music by Plusnine
New Weapons!
- AN-Series WWII Surplus Munitions
-- M30, M57, M65, M66, M81, M88
- MK 4 HIPEG 20 mm Gunpod
- Mk 77 Napalm Canister
- SUU-7 Bomblet Dispenser

Report Bugs HERE:

Known Bugs:
Carrier Takeoff Flight Dynamics activate when taxing at airbases of 60-70 M ASL
Known solution: Taxi while tapping brakes, reducing speed and preventing “runaway” taxis

Track IR fails to work when loading back into the A-4 after changing planes in mission editor. Does not effect MP (to our knowledge).
Known Solution: Restart game

Dispensing high volumes of bomblets (40+) from SUU-7/CBU-1/CBU-2 causes serious performance dip and/or crash.
Known solution: Drop bomblets in bursts of 10-20

Animation bugs in multiplayer
Known solution: None, we’re sorry

Non-Functioning Systems

In-flight refueling
Walleye Guided Missiles

Q: Is it really free?
A:Yes, it’s really free.

Q: How do I install?
A: Download the A-4E-C Folder, unzip, and place the Please note, the file structure on the download has changed. To assist everyone in installation, and better support JSGME, we’ve include mods/aircraft/ to the mod folder. Take the “mods” folder and drop it directly into C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha*

*Note: The folder name after “Saved Games” does not matter, as long as it is the DCS folder. If you have multiple, place it into the folder with the name of the DCS version you use.

Please note that you CANNOT place this into the C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Programs\ filepath or it will not be usable in DCS due to file integrity checks.

Q: How big is this download?
A: The compressed file is current 442 MB

Q: Can I donate to you?
A: We cannot accept donations, but we appreciate your words of support!


Heclak's Community A-4 Guide

Introduction and Startup and Takeoff

Carrier Operations

Air to Air Combat

Air to Ground Radar

Air to Ground Weapons
Coming Soon!
Author of Call the Ball: A DCS Modding Blog | A-4E 3D Artist | USS Oriskany Mod

YouTube | Twitch

Logo Credit to Plusnine

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Another mod created by a brilliantly led modding team. Amazing work!
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Great work and thanks A-4E team!
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very excited about this, many thanks to all involved!
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Is there a photoshop template available for reskins?

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Congrats guys and thank you for your hard work!
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Great work guys!
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\o/ woohoo! Congrats!
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Thank you very much all the team !!
Another great mod !!
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wooooooooooooooooooooo amazing guys, thank a lot
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