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Default Period Radar

Question to devs (via Nineline…?)

Notice there's no mention anywhere in the Asset Pack development forecasts for any ground based EWR/GCI radar units.

I'm thinking of Wurzburg/Freya/Wassermann types for Axis

and Type 11/Type 15 and related Fighter Direction Tenders for Allies

These were high value assets much used by their respective forces (particularly the Allies in defending the beachhead) and would also expand the target variety for both single- & multi-player in DCS (Spitfires were often used to dive bomb radar sites on run-up to D-Day).

Appreciate that the presence of these may assets may have gone below the devs radar (lolz) in the work to produce more tactically pertinent assets but is there any long term plans to introduce these?
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I was wondering the same thing.
Very Respectfully,
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Agree 100% Fenrir.

Apart from them being good targets (esp. for the upcoming DH98 Mosquito), it would allow a level of intelligence for the Kammhuber Line / Himmelbett Zones.

Integrating WW2 radar with Combined Arms would allow a "ground-control / TOPHAT" role.

In addition to the references that Fenrir gives, I can highly recommend this one:

It is in German, but it describes the sites and the radars used. The Datenbank menu allows one to search for specific types and you can plot maps showing the locations (and then click on the icons for exact details). For example:

We used this for planning radio sites for the Storm of War (SoW) campaign. SoW are currently planning new material, and it would be great if we could incorporate radar units into the new campaign.
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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!

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And don't forget that currently the Blue coalition can't make use of GCI, only the Red one can. This would need to be fixed as well.
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