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Default DCS F-14 Update: JESTER AI Behind the Scenes Recording & Multicrew

Dear All,

For quite some time now; we’ve been working hard on making JESTER AI a reality. One of the biggest parts of this undertaking is for us to build a comprehensive and realistic voice library, and for the past year, we’ve had a dedicated team at Heatblur doing just that, in the form of Grayson Frohberg (RIO Voice) and Aleksander Studen-Kirchner (Director).

In order to ensure the most natural performance and realism; we decided to approach our recording process in a unique way. By placing the director (Aleksander) into the pilot cockpit and Grayson into the RIO position, and subsequently placing the duo into appropriate combat or non-combat scenarios, we are able to more naturally record voice lines as opposed to dry reading in the studio. Virtual reality helps make the strain of head movement and confusion have a subtle yet important impact on the delivery of certain lines, while natural pauses and hesitation become more apparent and serve as good reference on the engineering side.

Today, we’re reaching the first of our milestones on the recording and creation process of our voice library. Much effort is being made to ensure that JESTER’s speech sounds natural, and much of our current focus lies with refining existing functionality and adding lots of variations to currently implemented calls. For this, our process focuses on plenty of repetition and repeating the same statement multiple times at a time, and then extracting the lines that we feel will fit well.

While we work on unveiling the “new”, non-chromecat-branch F-14 - enjoy this behind the scenes look at the recording process for JESTER AI recorded over the past year!

Stay Tuned!

Nicholas Dackard

Founder & Lead Artist
Heatblur Simulations

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Such an Honor to be a part of the ride! Thank you Nick
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Default impressive work

Hey Heatblur team,

this is impressive and outstanding work you are doing here - childhood dreams come true!

All the best for the final stage of launching the alpha ... can´t wait any longer than two weeks

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Oh my gosh guys, this is beyond awesome. Thanks for the great work! This is going to be my absolute favorite!
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Can't wait.
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Oh wow, very nice, can't wait.
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It looks and sounds incredible!! Really happy with that approach and it will make a difference when flying.
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Your attention to detail is amazing, I'm so hyped!
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holy moly!
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need it
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