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Default Very ittle update

Dear Simmers,

As many of you already know, the BO-105 is already textured and animated and it "can fly".
Due to my former coder left me, i decided to shift my project to another 3rd party which can professionally finish the BO-105 project which I was cradeling since 2012.

To be honest - There were a lot of up and downs in the last years but I think I made the right decision to handover the BO-105 to some really awesome guys.

Bad thing is - there are contractual negotiations lurking in the background, that's why I'm not able to drop any statisfing infos. All I can say is: Keep calm. We'll never give up the BO !

Thanks all for your understanding and patience.

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Thanks for the update. We will bear with you... Whatever it takes!
This is one of my most anticipated modules.
Keep your head up and stay on track.

Das wird schon. "Was lange währt wird endlich gut!"

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Thanks Fragger.
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I don't like it The Fragger!

Make sure you have enough control of what happens with this module as you obviously have a love for this bird.
Over time, I learnt to love your passion and now I love this chopper long time!

As long as the BO-105 becomes a true sim..... we will be happy.

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Please make sure that the flight model is adequate, if that is the case I don't care how long it takes!

Good Luck, it looks amazing so far!
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Thanks for the Info.

Originally Posted by The_Fragger View Post
...We'll never give up the BO !
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Good man. Wishing you the best

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Thanks for the update Olli.

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"another 3rd party"...

HeatBlur said they've got a heli in the pipeline for 2019 and beyond. Of course, they could be doing the OH-58, as it's known Polychop haven't got the licence as someone else does.

It's either them, BST or Razbam, as they're the only people who've either done one, or shown work/said they're doing a helo.

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Originally Posted by Buzzles View Post
Hey, thanks for that info!
Well, as I understand it, there are several swedes in the team and they shown love for swedish aircrafts (Viggen and AI Draken), and the BO-105 has been in the swedish army as HKP9, a variant confirmed to be included for DCS.
If it turns out to be HeatBlur, I'm happy!
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