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Default Throttletek F-18 throttle

USB plug and play, 3D CNC aluminum milled grips and base like you wish, and don't cost 4 digits.

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Looks very nice!
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Originally Posted by Sokol1_br View Post

USB plug and play, 3D CNC aluminum milled grips and base like you wish, and don't cost 4 digits.

After Sales Tax, Shipping/Handling and VAT it's 4 Digits.
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Lol !... For now I like much my "F-18-ish^^" TWCS ..... but this Professional stuff is greatly appealing ....
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Well it is designed by a real jet pilot
Edit: Ive always wondered with these, replica items. Do the actually pay royalties to which ever company's item them are replicating and selling?
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Nice. and well beyond my budget!

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I asked them about the throttle. There appears to be no mounting holes, and it's intended to just sit on something and not move. It weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 pounds). For the TDC, you can choose either a joystick pot or the same force transducer as used in the real F18. No word on what the price difference is. For the remaining switches, 80% of them are the same switch used in the F18. There is also an idle detent that you have to use the finger lifts to get past. They sell to the consumer market, and it will take 2.5 months to manufacture and requires a 50% down payment.
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Very nice throttle. I contacted Bugeyetech about a year ago, but price was too much for me. This seems like a great alternative.
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Has anyone heard of a warrenty for these throttles

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is roberto from el Salvador.
I know it from 2015.
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