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View Poll Results: Which Force Feedback Device(s) do you use for DCS?
Logitech G940 44 20.37%
MS FFB2 95 43.98%
Other (please specify) 12 5.56%
No FFB Device 73 33.80%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 216. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Force Feedback - Which device(s) do you use?

Do you use a Force Feedback Device? Which one?
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Drop down my warthog for a G940.
It was sleeping on a shelve for 7 years. Works like a charm.

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I am using a G940 (I also have spare parts for it). Throttle was tuned with LeoBodnar, pedals were replaced by MFG and the stick was extended by 10 cm.

My son is using a Sidewinder because it have a grip just perfect for small hands. Now, my son is getting bigger so he just received a new toy. Still the Sidewinder will remain around just in case.

My Sidewinder is 14 years old but is still working great.
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MS Sidewinder FFB 2
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Thadiun Okona
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FFB2... best all around signal processing and pretty decent guts. For anyone wondering, it's not hard to build a FF stick, the electomechanics are pretty straight forward but without an interface to a game you have nothing. Some titles make this straight forward, others are much harder to get the parameters you need.

Collaborating with Roland van Roy I've designed a tested working circuit for this and have solid designs to work with for mechanicals but it always comes back to interface why I haven't followed through. My scratch system needs to be fed airspeed data for minimum base function.

Any effects beyond variable centering and trim offsets (this is most of the charm) gets into pre-scripted library effects that need individual scripting triggers (stall shakes, landing bumps, machine-gun judder etc) and making those happen is not a trivial affair and it's a black hole of hacking and tuning for every single title you want to use it with.

FFB2 interfaces like a champ, so any further attempts I make with FF will be hacking that brain to run my own hardware/motors, because the brain is the hard part of this. Here's a later project Roland did hacking an MSFFB2 to beef up the drive signals to power his own hardware:
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I use a G940, and I cannot see myself changing it anytime soon unless some hardware manufacturer comes out with a new FFB stick.
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I use the Saitek cyborg evo force feedback joystick. This stick is regularly available on ebay and I have a stock of about 7 second hand ones in the cupboard, all tested and ready to go. Should last me 15 years or so, or at least until a new type is manufactured by industry.

Also, Gametrix 908 force feedback seat with Simshaker for Aviators Software.

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Gametrix 908 force feedback seat with Simshaker
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I voted "no FFB device" but then I realised I sit on a Gametrix 908 seat with Simshaker software...oops

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