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Default F-5E Dynamic Campaign: Desert Tiger 76

Join a F-5E Tiger II of the 57th Fighter Weapon Wing at Nellis AFB, Nevada and participate in a 1976 offensive air war exercise against period Warsaw Pact air and ground threats.

  • Dynamic campaign with a estimated length of over 50 mission
  • Fully integrated into the DCS User Interface
  • Single player or up to 4 player COOP
  • A variety of Air-Air and Air-Ground mission types
  • Persistent damage and resources tracking across missions

Download V1.05

Installation instruction in Read Me

V1.01 - 26.01.2017:
-Stats are tracked in coop play

V1.01b - 27.01.2017
-Replaced erroneous mission file

V1.02 - 07.02.2017
-Fixed unable to spawn in COOP with more players than just the host
-Used new F-5E skin

V1.03 - 22.02.2017
-Fixed wingman not taxing

V1.04 - 23.04.2017
-Added EWR site to Lincoln County Airport
-Made weather 100% clear, as clouds cause severe FPS drop
-Various small fixes and updates

V1.05 - 21.12.2017
-Updated to latest DCE version
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Oh Man...this should be good. Thanks MBot!
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Thanks alot! Really looking forward to giving this a go!

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Good motivation to learn more about the F-5E. Thanks.
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Thanks, MBot!
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Thanks Mbot.

PD: Have some plan to "reconvert" Guardians of Caucasus campaign or some mission on caucasus similar to them?
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Tks for the campaign!!
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Don't have the module, any chance for M2C, F-15 or Su-27 ? Really want to try the campaign. Thanks Mbot
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Congratulations with the release! Having played ~15 missions from the beta version, I must say this is excellent work. As far as hard it is to make anything dynamic in eagle dynamics environment, MBot made it possible.
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Regarding the lua editing, would it not be better to copy the MissionScripting.lua to the saved games area of the installation, thus bypassing the need to edit the file after every update?

Just a thought...

An excellent addition to the module, so thanks for all the hard work.

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